This blog’s mission is to contextualize the exhibition database that is being constructed within the context of the research project „Exhibitions of Modern European Painting 1905-1915“, funded by the Austrian Science Fund. The database’s goal is to gather information from exhibition catalogues and leaflets showing, among other, modern art between 1905 and 1915. It shall be accessible online worldwide from fall 2018.

The content of the blog deliberately extends beyond the focused scope of the database (1905-1915) and thus covers the early 20th century more generally, in order to treat topics that fall in the time period from approximately 1900 to 1920. This will allow for a larger contextualisation of the developments in the art world at that time. Topics will also be consciously interdisciplinary in order to communicate the wide-ranging connections of the art world at the beginning of the 20th century, a world that must not be understood as isolated but highly interconnected with all kinds of other disciplines and sciences.
As the research project as well as the database are working with digital technology at their very core, the blog shall also offer a platform for presenting and commenting on those methods, i.e. digital humanities and digital art history.


Image: courtesy of Tamara Hinojosa.