Vasily Vereshchagin

Russian painter, 1842-1904

Name Variants (ULAN):
Vereshchagin, Vasily Vasil'yevich; Vereščagin, Vasilij Vasil'evič; Verescagin, Vasilij Vasil'evic; Vereschagin, Vasili Vasilievitch; Weretshchagin, Wassili Vasilievitch; Weretshchagin, Basil; Veretshchagin, Wassili Vasilievitch; Veretshchagin, Basil; Verechtchaguine, Wassili Vasilievitch; Verechtchaguine, Basil; Vereshchagin, Vasili Vasilevich; Vereshchagin, Vasiliĭ Vasilʹevich; Верещагин, Василий Васильевич; Верещагин, В. В.; Vereshchagin, V. V.; Vereschagin, Vassili Vassilievich; Werestchagin, W. W.; Verestchagin, Vassili Vasilievitch; Wereschtschagin, Wassili; Verestchagin, Basil; Vereschaguine, B.; Верещагин, Васили Василиевич; Vereshchagin, Vasili Vasilievich; Vereshchagin, Vasily Vasilyevich; Véreschaguine; Verescagin, Vasilij Vasil'Evic; Vasili Vasilievitch Veretschagin; Veretschagin, Vasili Vasilievitch; Veretshchagin, Vassili; Weretschchagin, Wassili Wassilevitch; Weretshchagin, Wassili Wassilevitch; basil wereschtschagin; Veretschagin; W. W. Wereschtschagin
Exhibitions: 1
Exhibiting Countries: 1
Exhibiting Cities: 1
Catalogue Entries: 1
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 1
Date Title City Venue # of Cat. Entries Type of Org. Body
Apr 22‒Oct 31, 1905 VI. Esposizione d'Arte della Città di Venezia Venice Giardini Pubblici 1 others
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