Jan Gossaert

Flemish painter, printmaker, ca. 1472-1532

Name Variants (ULAN):
Gossart, Jan; Gossart, Jan van; Gossart, Janin; Gossart, Iennin; Gossart, Jennyn; Gossart, Jennine; Gossaert, Janin; Gossaert, Jennyn; Gossaert, Iennin; Gossaert, Jean; Henegouwe, Jan van; Henegouwe, Iennin van; Henegouwe, Janin van; Henegouwe, Jennyn van; Waele, Jan de; Waele, Iennin de; Waele, Jennyn de; Waele, Janin de; Mabeuse, Jan de; Mabuge, Jan de; Maubege, Jan de; Maubeuge, Jan de; Maubeuse, Jan de; Maubuse, Jan de; Maugeuge, Jan de; Mabeuge, Jan de; Mabuze, Jan de; Mabuse, Jan de; Mabuse, Janin; Maubauge, Jan; Maubeuge, Jan; Mabeuge, Jan; Mabuge, Jan; Maubeuse, Jan; Mabuse, Jan; Mabeuse, Jean de; Maubeuge, Jean de; Mabeuse, John de; Mabuse, John de; Jean of Maubeuge; Jan of Maubeuge; Mabuse, Jennyn Gossart van; Mabuse, Nicasius Gossaert van; Mabuse, Jan Gossaert; Mabuse, Jennyn; Mabuse, Iennin; Malbodius, Joannes; Mauberge, Jan Gossaert; Mauberge, Jennyn; Mauberge, Jennyn Gossart van; Mabuse, Jan Gossaert van; Mabuse, Jan Gossart van; Mabuse, Jennyn Gossaert van; Mauberge, Jennyn Gossaert van; Mauberge, Jan Gossaert van; Mauberge, Jan Gossart van; Mabuse, Nicasius Gossart van; Mauberge, Nicasius Gossaert van; Mauberge, Nicasius Gossart van; Mabuse, Gossart Van; Mabuse, Joannes Malbodius; Mauberge, Gossart Van; Mauberge, Joannes Malbodius; Mabuse, Nicasius Gossaert; Mauberge, Nicasius Gossaert; De Mabuse, Jean; Gossaert; Gossaert, Jan called Mabuse; gossaert, jane mabuse; gossaert jan, gen. mabuse; Gossaert, Jan, gen. Mabuse; Gossaert, Jan gen. Mabuse; gossart jan gen. mabuse; I. de Mabeuge; I. de Mabuse; I. de Maubeuge; I. Maubeuge; Jan Gossaert genannt Mabuse; Jan Gossaert, gen. Mabuse; jan gossaert gen. mabuse; jan gossaert. mabuse; jan gossaert mabuse; jan gossart; jan gossart, gen. mabuse; Jan Gossart gen. Mabuse; jan gossart. mabuse; Jan mabuse; Jan. Mabuse; J. dd Mabeuse; J. de Mabeuge; J. De Mabeuse; J. de Mabuge; J. de Mabuse; J. de Mabuze; J. de Marbuge; J. de Maubege; J. de Maubeuge; J. De Maubeuse; J. de Maubuse; J. de Maugeuge; J.D. Mabuge; Jean de Mabeuge; Jean De Mabeus; Jean de Mabuge; Jean de Mabuse; Jean de Maubeuse; Jean De Mombeuse; jean gossaert gen. mabuse; Jean Gossar dit de Mabuse, ou Maubeuge; Jean Mabuse; Jean Maubeuge; J. Mabauze; J. Mabeuse; J. Mabuse; J. Malbodius; J. Maubeuge; J. of Maubeuge; John De Maberge; John de Mabeuge; John de Maubeuse; John de Maubuse; John Mabuse; John of Maubeuge; J. Van Maubuis; Mabeuge; Mabeuse; Mabuesa; Mabuese; Mabuge; Mabusa; Mabuse; mabuse, jan gossaert; Mabusen; Mabuys; Mabuysen; Malbodius; Malbodius Jaen; Mambusen; Marbeuze; Marbuse; Maubauge; Maubeause; Maubeuge; Maubeuse; M. de Maubuge; Mobeuse; Robert of Maubeuge; van gossaert
Exhibitions: 1
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Catalogue Entries: 1
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 1
Date Title City Venue # of Cat. Entries Type of Org. Body
Mar 20, 1905 Old and Modern Pictures Vienna Galerie Miethke 1 art galleries
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