Eugène Verdyen

Belgian artist, 1836-1903

Name Variants (ULAN):
Verdyen, Eugene
Exhibitions: 2
Exhibiting Countries: 1
Exhibiting Cities: 1
Catalogue Entries: 2
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 2
Date Title City Venue # of Cat. Entries Type of Org. Body
Feb 21‒Mar 23, 1905 La Libre Esthétique. La douzième Exposition Brussels Brussels (exact location unknown) 1 artist associations
Mar 12‒Apr 17, 1910 La Libre Esthétique. L'Évolution du Paysage Brussels Brussels (exact location unknown) 1 artist associations
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Name Nationality Date of Birth Date of Death # of Co-Appearances
Guillaume Vogels BE 1836 1896 2 exhibitions
Georges Lemmen BE 1865 1916 2 exhibitions
Adriaan Joseph Heymans BE 1839 1921 2 exhibitions
Anna Boch BE 1848 1936 2 exhibitions
George Morren BE 1868 1941 2 exhibitions
Emile Claus BE 1849 1924 2 exhibitions

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