Harold Knight

English painter, 1874-1961

United Kingdom
Places of Activity:
Olive Villa, Newlyn, Penzance
Exhibitions: 2
Exhibiting Countries: 2
Exhibiting Cities: 2
Catalogue Entries: 3
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 3
Date Title City Venue # of Cat. Entries Type of Org. Body
spring/1908 Fortieth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club London Galleries in Dering Yard 1 artist associations
Apr 23‒Oct 31, 1910 IX. Esposizione d'Arte della Città di Venezia Venice Giardini Pubblici 2 others
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Name Nationality Date of Birth Date of Death # of Co-Appearances
Archibald Standish Hartrick GB 1864 1950 2 exhibitions
Philip Connard GB 1875 1958 2 exhibitions
William Frederick Mayor GB 1865 1916 2 exhibitions
William Nicholson GB 1872 1949 2 exhibitions
William Shackleton GB 1872 1933 2 exhibitions
John Singer Sargent US 1856 1925 2 exhibitions
Walter Westley Russell GB 1867 1949 2 exhibitions
Alfred Hayward GB 1875 1971 2 exhibitions
William Orpen GB 1878 1931 2 exhibitions
Wilfrid-Gabriel De Glehn GB 1870 1951 2 exhibitions

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