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Exhibitions: 130
Exhibition Types: solo: 48 % group: 52 %
Venues: 19
Artists: 2259, 231 born, 325 died, 705 active, 2048 exhibited
Nationalities: 38
Gender: 31 % female, 66 % male
Date Title Venue Type of Org. Body # of Cat. Entries
Oct‒Nov 1905 Thirty-fifth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Alpine Club artist associations 95
Jun‒Jul 1906 Thirty-Sixth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries in Dering Yard artist associations 131
Nov‒Dec 1906 Thirty-Seventh Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries in Dering Yard artist associations 144
Jul 1907 Paintings and Drawings by Roger Fry and Hon. Neville Lytton Galleries of the Alpine Club art galleries 165
May‒Jun 1907 Thirty-eighth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries in Dering Yard artist associations 136
autumn/1907 Thirty-Ninth Exhibition of Modern Pictures by the New English Art Club Galleries in Dering Yard artist associations 123
spring/1908 Fortieth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries in Dering Yard artist associations 140
Jul‒Aug 8, 1908 The London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association. 1st year Royal Albert Hall artist associations 3312
Apr 1909 Pictures and Drawings by Roger Fry Carfax Gallery art galleries 38
May 22, 1909 Forty-First Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists exhibition buildings 342
Jul 1909 The London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association: 2nd year Royal Albert Hall artist associations 1089
summer/1910 Forty-Third Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 292
Jul‒Aug 6, 1910 The London Salon of Allied Artists' Association: 3rd Year Royal Albert Hall 0
Nov 8, 1910‒Jan 15, 1911 Manet and the Post-Impressionists Grafton Galleries art galleries 233
Mar 1911 An exhibition of pictures by Gustave Courbet Stafford Gallery art galleries 24
Jun 1911 The First Exhibition of the Camden Town Group Carfax Gallery art galleries 55
Summer 1911 Forty-fifth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 214
Jul‒Aug 7, 1911 The London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association. Fourth Year Royal Albert Hall artist associations 1273
Nov 23, 1911 Exhibition of Pictures by Paul Cézanne (1839-1906) and Paul Gauguin (1848-1903) Stafford Gallery art galleries 18
Dec 1911 The Second Exhibition of the Camden Town Group Carfax Gallery art galleries 53
Winter 1911 Forty-Sixth Exhibition of Modern Pictures by the New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 321
Jan 1912 Painting and Drawings by Roger Fry Galleries of the Alpine Club art galleries 52
Mar 5, 1912 Exhibition of works by the Italian Futurist Painters Sackville Gallery art galleries 35
Apr‒May 1912 Alfred A. Wolmark Goupil Gallery art galleries 44
Apr 23, 1912 Exhibition of Drawings by Pablo Picasso Stafford Gallery art galleries 26
Summer 1912 Forty-seventh Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 201
Jul 1912 The London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association / Fifth Year Royal Albert Hall 0
Oct 5‒Dec 31, 1912 Second Post-Impressionist Exhibition. British, French and Russian Artists Grafton Galleries art galleries 261
Dec 1912 The Third Exhibition of the Camden Town Group Carfax Gallery art galleries 45
winter/1912 Forty-eighth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 192
Jan 1913 Paintings by Spencer F. Gore and Harold Gilman Carfax Gallery art galleries 50
Mar 15‒31, 1913 Grafton Group Exhibition Galleries of the Alpine Club 0
Apr 1913 Gino Severini's Exhibition Marlborough Gallery art galleries 30
summer/1913 Forty-ninth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 255
Jul 1913 The London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association, Ltd. Sixth Year Royal Albert Hall 0
Oct 12, 1913‒Jan 16, 1914 Post-Impressionist and Futurist Exhibition Doré Gallery art galleries 211
winter/1913 Fiftieth Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 283
Jan 1914 The Grafton Group. Vanessa Bell, Roger Fry, Duncan Grant. Second Exhibition Galleries of the Alpine Club 53
Mar‒Apr 1914 The First Exhibition of Works by Members of The London Group Goupil Gallery art galleries 116
Apr‒May 1914 Exhibition of Works of the Italian Futurist Painters and Sculptors Doré Gallery art galleries 80
Apr 18‒May 9, 1914 Exhibition of Paintings by Harold Gilman and Charles Ginner Goupil Gallery art galleries 35
May 8‒Jun 20, 1914 Twentieth Century Art. A Review of Modern Movements Whitechapel Art Gallery art galleries 510
Jun‒Jul 1914 Fifty-first Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 281
Jun 12‒Jul 2, 1914 The London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association, ltd. Seventh Year Holland Park Hall 0
Jul 1914 Works by David Bomberg Chenil Gallery art galleries 55
Winter 1914 Fifty-second Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 258
Mar 1915 The Second Exhibition of Works by Members of the London Group Goupil Gallery art galleries 96
Jun 10, 1915 Vorticist Exhibition Doré Gallery art galleries 63
Nov 1915 Exhibition of Paintings by Roger Fry Galleries of the Alpine Club art galleries 54
Nov‒Dec 1915 Third Exhibition of Works by Members of the London Group Goupil Gallery art galleries 79
1906 Munich Fine Art Exhibition Grafton Galleries art galleries 282
Apr‒May 1907 Exhibition of Paintings, Drawings and Coloured Reliefs by Robert Anning Bell, R.W.S. The Fine Art Society art galleries 64
May 1905 The Glasgow Society of Artists. Fourth Exhibition Doré Gallery art galleries, artist associations 78
Nov‒Dec 1907 The Society of 25 Painters. Third London Exhibition Goupil Gallery art galleries 80
1905 Oxford. William Nicholson Stafford Gallery art galleries 24
Apr 1906 Garden, Field and Wayside. Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hine Stafford Gallery art galleries 45
Jun 1907 Miniatures and Water Colour Drawings by Miss Bess Norriss, A.R.M.S. Stafford Gallery art galleries 46
Jun 1907 Sholto Johnstone Douglas Galleries of the Alpine Club art galleries 39
1907 Exhibition of Pictures, &c. by Well-Known Austrian Artists The Gallery of Austrian Arts and Crafts 78
Mar 1905 Water Colour Drawings by Alfred W. Rich Galleries of the Alpine Club art galleries 144
1906 Imp. Royal Austrian Exhibition Earls Court 328
Oct 1915 Paintings by Walter Bayes Carfax Gallery art galleries 38
Jun 1915 Paintings and Drawings by F. Marchand Carfax Gallery art galleries 43
spring/1915 Fifty-Third Exhibition of Modern Picture by the New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations, exhibition buildings 255
Dec 1915 Fifty-Fourth Exhibition of Modern Picture by the New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations, exhibition buildings 284
Nov 1910 Watercolours by C. Maresco Pearce Carfax Gallery art galleries 52
Winter 1910 Forty-Fourth Exhibition of Modern Pictures by the New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 372
Dec 1910 Chinese Studies by Vera Waddington Carfax Gallery art galleries 42
Apr 5‒23, 1910 Water Colour Paintings by Alfred W. Rich Galleries of the Alpine Club art galleries 143
1911 Drawings by Walter Sickert Carfax Gallery art galleries 50
Jun 27, 1911 An Exhibition of Pictures by Walter Sickert Stafford Gallery art galleries 40
Oct 13, 1911 Exhibition of Pictures by Camille Pissarro Stafford Gallery art galleries 35
April 1911 Contemporary Works of Art chosen by The Hon. Neville Lytton Carfax Gallery art galleries 80
February 1911 Paintings and Drawings by C. J. Holmes Carfax Gallery art galleries 31
Oct‒Nov 1908 The Society of 25 Painters. Fourth London Exhibition Goupil Gallery art galleries 74
Mar 3‒22, 1908 Water Colour Paintings by Alfred W. Rich New English Art Club Galleries artist associations 128
Jun 12‒Jul 3, 1913 Exhibition of Portraits and Studies in Pastel by Mrs. Pierse Loftus (Dorothy Reynolds) And Miniatures by Margret Reynolds Doré Gallery art galleries 80
Feb 1908 The New Association of Artists. First Exhibition Goupil Gallery artist associations 65
Feb 1909 The New Association of Artists. Second Exhibition Goupil Gallery artist associations 71
winter/1909 Forty-Second Exhibition of Modern Pictures. New English Art Club Galleries of the Royal Society of British Artists artist associations 326
Mar 26‒Apr 9, 1909 Paintings by Arthur Streeton Galleries of the Alpine Club art galleries 48
Nov 1911 Painting and Drawings by Gerard Chowne Carfax Gallery art galleries 47
Oct 1911 Watercolours by Douglas Fox Pitt and Walter Taylor Carfax Gallery art galleries 55
Nov 1912 Paintings and Drawings by Maxwell Armfield Carfax Gallery 39
Apr 1912 Paintings. Charles M. Gere and Margaret Gere Carfax Gallery art galleries 65
Feb 1912 Paintings and Drawings by Elliot Seabrooke Carfax Gallery art galleries 48
Jan 1912 Paintings by Alexander Jamieson. First Exhibition Carfax Gallery art galleries 39
Jun 1912 Paintings by Ethel Sands and A. H. Hudson Carfax Gallery art galleries 44
May 1912 Paintings and Drawings by Walter Sickert Carfax Gallery art galleries 69
Mar 1912 Drawings and Studies from Life by William Orpen, A.R.A. R.H.A. Goupil Gallery art galleries 56
Oct 3, 1912 Exhibition of Pictures by S. J. Peploe, J. D. Fergusson, Joseph Simpson, Anne E. Rice, Jessie Dismorr, Georges Banks, Ethel Wright, C. King, L. Atkinson, Fred. F. Foottet Stafford Gallery art galleries 48
[1913-1914] Sketches in Town and Country by Patience E. Bishopp. Ashford, Kent Doré Gallery art galleries 79
Apr 23, 1912 Exhibition of Drawings by Joseph Simpson Stafford Gallery art galleries 33
Feb 1914 Oil Paintings and Watercolours by Horace Mann Livens Goupil Gallery art galleries 69
Jan 1914 E. M. Heath Goupil Gallery art galleries 50
Mar 1914 Paintings and Drawings by R. Ihlee Carfax Gallery art galleries 35
Feb 1914 Paintings and Drawings by Elliott Seabrooke Carfax Gallery art galleries 32
Apr 1914 Paintings and Drawings by Walter Sickert Carfax Gallery art galleries 43
[1913-1914] Paintings of Bird Life & Landscapes by Miss Bodé Doré Gallery 48
[1913-1914] Exhibition of Pictures by M. Arsène Chabanian Doré Gallery art galleries 42
[1913-1914] Exhibition of 59 Water-Colour Drawings of Boats & Gardens in England, France & Italy by Miss Constance Daintrey Doré Gallery 60
[1913-1914] Exhibition of Water-Colour Drawings of Venice, Como, and the New Forest, by Miss Constance Daintrey Doré Gallery 72
[1913-1914] Water Colour Drawings of Architecture and Other Subjects at Home and Abroad by Miss M. Dawkins Doré Gallery 43
[1913-1914] An Exhibition of Paintings and Decorative Panels by Katherine S. Dreier Doré Gallery 40
[1913-1914] Exhibition of Pastel Drawings of "Capri" and "On Lake Como" by Mrs. Earnshaw Doré Gallery art galleries 94
[1913-1914] Exhibition of Water Colours "East and West". Comprising Views of - The United Kingdom, North Africa, North Italy and Constantinople by Major Evelyn L. Engleheart Doré Gallery art galleries 77
[1913-1914] Pictures by Eve Baker Doré Gallery 30
[1913-1914] Pictures by John Duncan Fergusson Doré Gallery art galleries 47
[1913-1914] "The Shores of Provence". A Series of Water Colour Drawings by Sophia Beale Doré Gallery 44
[1913-1914] Colour Wood Cuts, Water Colours. Portraits, Landscapes Doré Gallery 73
Nov 1913 Paintings and Drawings by Maurice Asselin Carfax Gallery 54
Oct 1913 Paintings by Walter Bayes Carfax Gallery 45
Mar‒Apr 1913 The "John Balli" Collection Goupil Gallery 25
Apr 1913 Paintings and Drawings by Robert Bevan Carfax Gallery art galleries 48
Jun 1913 Pastels by Simon Bussy Carfax Gallery 33
Jan 1913 Geoffrey Birkbeck Goupil Gallery 50
Jun‒Jul 1913 Henry Bishop Goupil Gallery 28
Feb‒Mar 1913 J. R. K. Duff Goupil Gallery 40
Jun 1913 Oil Paintings of H.M. The King's Collection of African and Indian Animals and Birds by Edgar H. Fischer Goupil Gallery art galleries 80
Jan 1913 Water Colours by E. Carter Preston Carfax Gallery art galleries 20
Apr 18‒May 1913 Oil Paintings and Studies by Henri Martin Goupil Gallery art galleries 111
Feb 1913 Paintings and Drawings by C. J. Holmes Carfax Gallery art galleries 45
May 1913 Paintings by Lucien Pissarro Carfax Gallery art galleries 134
Feb‒Mar 1913 Paintings and Drawings by F. H. S. Shepherd Goupil Gallery 58
Mar 1913 Studies and Etchings by Walter Sickert Carfax Gallery art galleries 134
Mar 1913 Drawings of Japanese Life by Katie Blackmore Carfax Gallery art galleries 35
Jun‒Jul 1913 Paintings in Tempera by George Thomson Goupil Gallery 28
Oct‒Dec 1913 The Goupil Gallery Salon Goupil Gallery art galleries 400
May‒Jun 1913 Water Colours and Paintings by Walter W. Russell Goupil Gallery art galleries 67
1907 Exhibition of Pictures & Sketches by Robert Brough A.R.S.A. Burlington Fine Arts Club arts associations 89
Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Nationality Exhibited in City
William Bernard Adeney 1878 London 1966 London GB yes
Vassily Kandinsky 1866 Moscow 1944 Neuilly-sur-Seine RU yes
Lawrence Atkinson 1873 Manchester 1931 Paris GB yes
Giacomo Balla 1871 Turin 1958 Rome IT yes
Vanessa Bell 1879 Kensington 1961 West Sussex GB yes
Robert Polhill Bevan 1865 Hove 1925 London GB yes
Umberto Boccioni 1882 Reggio Calabria 1916 Verona IT yes
David Bomberg 1890 Birmingham 1957 London GB yes
Pierre Bonnard 1867 Fontenay-aux-Roses 1947 Le Cannet FR yes
Georges Braque 1882 Argenteuil 1963 Paris FR yes
Horace Brodzky 1885 Melbourne 1969 London AU yes
Charles Camoin 1879 Marseilles 1965 Paris FR yes
Carlo Carrà 1881 Alessandria 1966 Milan IT yes
Paul Cézanne 1839 Aix-en-Provence 1906 Aix-en-Provence FR yes
Auguste-Elysée Chabaud 1882 Nîmes 1955 Graveson FR yes
Charles Conder 1868 London 1909 Virginia Water GB yes
Gustave Courbet 1819 Ornans 1877 La Tour-de-Peilz FR yes
Walter Crane 1845 Liverpool 1915 Horsham GB yes
Henri Edmond Cross 1856 Douai 1910 Saint-Clair, Var FR yes
Robert Delaunay 1885 Paris 1941 Montpellier FR yes
Maurice Denis 1870 Granville, Manche 1943 Saint-Germain-en-Laye FR yes
André Derain 1880 Chatou 1954 Garches FR yes
Maurice de Vlaminck 1876 Paris 1958 Rueil-la-Gadelière FR yes
Henri Doucet 1883 Pleumartin 1915 Hooge FR yes
Malcolm Drummond 1880 Boyn Hill 1945 Moulsford GB yes
André Dunoyer de Segonzac 1884 Boussy-Saint-Antoine 1974 Paris FR yes
Jacob Epstein 1880 New York 1959 London GB yes
Frederick Etchells 1886 Newcastle upon Tyne 1973 Folkestone GB yes
Othon Friesz 1879 Le Havre 1949 Paris FR yes
Roger Fry 1866 London 1934 London GB yes
Paul Gauguin 1848 Paris 1903 Atuona FR yes
Mark Gertler 1891 Spitalfields 1939 London GB yes
Harold Gilman 1876 Rode 1919 London GB yes
Charles Ginner 1878 Cannes 1952 London GB yes
Pierre Paul Girieud 1876 Paris 1948 Paris FR yes
Spencer Gore 1878 Epsom 1914 Surrey GB yes
Duncan Grant 1885 Aviemore 1978 Aldermaston GB yes
Auguste Herbin 1882 Quiévy 1960 Paris FR yes
James Dickson Innes 1887 Llanelli 1914 Swanley GB yes
Augustus John 1878 Tenby 1961 Fordingbridge GB yes
Gwen John 1876 Haverfordwest 1939 Dieppe GB yes
Moïse Kisling 1891 Cracow 1953 Sanary-sur-Mer FR yes
Pyotr Konchalovsky 1876 Slavyansk 1956 Moscow RU yes
Henry Lamb 1883 Adelaide 1960 London GB yes
Pierre Laprade 1875 Narbonne 1931 Fontenay-aux-Roses FR yes
Wyndham Lewis 1882 Amherst 1957 London GB yes
André Lhote 1885 Bordeaux 1962 Paris FR yes
Aristide Maillol 1861 Banyuls-sur-Mer 1944 Perpignan FR yes
Edouard Manet 1832 Paris 1883 Paris FR yes
Henri Charles Manguin 1874 Paris 1949 Saint-Tropez FR yes
Franz Marc 1880 Munich 1916 Verdun-sur-Garonne DE yes
Jean Marchand 1882 Paris 1941 Paris FR yes
Albert Marquet 1875 Bordeaux 1947 Paris FR yes
Il'ya Mashkov 1881 Mikhailovskaya-on-Don 1944 Moscow RU yes
Henri Matisse 1869 Le Cateau-Cambrésis 1954 Nice FR yes
Alfred Henry Maurer 1868 New York 1932 New York US yes
Edvard Munch 1863 Løten 1944 Christiania (Oslo) NO yes
Gabriele Münter 1877 Berlin 1962 Murnau DE yes
Elie Nadelman 1882 Warsaw 1946 New York PL yes
John Northcote Nash 1893 London 1977 Colchester GB yes
Paul Nash 1889 London 1946 Dorset GB yes
Christopher Nevinson 1889 London 1946 London GB yes
Jules Pascin 1885 Vidin 1930 Paris BG yes
Max Pechstein 1881 Zwickau 1955 Berlin DE yes
Kuz'ma Petrov-Vodkin 1878 Khvalynsk 1939 Saint Petersburg RU yes
Pablo Picasso 1881 Málaga 1973 Mougins ES yes
Jan Preisler 1872 Dvůr Králové 1918 Prague CZ yes
Leo Putz 1869 Merano 1940 Merano IT yes
Jean Puy 1876 Roanne 1960 Roanne FR yes
William Ratcliffe 1870 Clenchwarton 1955 London GB yes
Odilon Redon 1840 Bordeaux 1916 Paris FR yes
William Roberts 1895 London 1980 London GB yes
Georges Rouault 1871 Paris 1958 Paris FR yes
Henri Rousseau 1844 Laval 1910 Paris FR yes
Luigi Russolo 1885 Venice 1947 Venice IT yes
Paul Sérusier 1864 Paris 1927 Morlaix FR yes
Georges Seurat 1859 Paris 1891 Paris FR yes
Gino Severini 1883 Cortona 1966 Paris IT yes
Walter Richard Sickert 1860 Munich 1942 Bathampton GB yes
Paul Signac 1863 Paris 1935 Paris FR yes
Ardengo Soffici 1879 Rignano sull'Arno 1964 Forte dei Marmi IT yes
Stanley Spencer 1891 Cookham 1959 Cliveden GB yes
Félix Vallotton 1865 Lausanne 1925 Paris CH yes
Louis Valtat 1869 Dieppe 1952 Paris FR yes
Kees van Dongen 1877 Rotterdam 1968 Monte Carlo NL yes
Vincent van Gogh 1853 Zundert 1890 Auvers-sur-Oise NL yes
Théo van Rysselberghe 1862 Ghent 1926 Saint-Clair, Var BE yes
Franz von Stuck 1863 Tettenweis 1928 Munich DE yes
Fritz von Uhde 1848 Limbach-Oberfrohna 1911 Munich DE yes
Edouard Vuillard 1868 Cuiseaux 1940 Baule, la FR yes
Edward Wadsworth 1889 Cleckheaton 1949 London GB yes
James McNeill Whistler 1834 Lowell 1903 London US yes
Alfred Aaron Wolmark 1877 Warsaw 1961 London GB yes
Hans Borchardt 1865 Berlin 1917 Munich DE yes
Joseph Damberger 1867 Munich 1951 Munich DE yes
Ludwig Dill 1848 Gernsbach 1940 Karlsruhe DE yes
Fritz Erler 1868 Frankenstein 1940 Munich DE yes
Julius Exter 1863 Ludwigshafen 1939 Übersee DE yes
Otto Friedrich 1862 Győr 1937 Vienna HU yes
Hugo von Habermann 1849 Dillingen an der Donau 1929 Munich DE yes
Karl Haider 1846 Munich 1912 Schliersee DE yes
Hans von Hayek 1869 Vienna 1940 Munich AT yes
Albert von Keller 1844 Gais 1920 Munich DE yes
Toni von Stadler 1850 Göllersdorf 1917 Munich AT yes
Charles Tooby 1863 London Oct 13, 1913 London GB yes
Heinrich von Zügel 1850 Murrhardt 1941 Munich DE yes
Benno Becker 1860 Memel 1938 Munich DE yes
Józef Mehoffer 1869 Ropczyce 1946 Wadowice PL yes
Ferdinand Andri 1871 Waidhofen an der Ybbs 1956 Vienna AT yes
Rudolf Jettmar 1869 Tarnów 1939 Vienna AT yes
Josef Engelhart 1864 Vienna 1941 Vienna AT yes
Friedrich König 1857 Vienna 1941 Vienna AT yes
Carlos Schwabe Jul 21, 1866 Altona Jan 22, 1926 Avon, Seine-et-Marne CH yes
Maximilian Liebenwein 1869 Berlin 1926 Berlin DE yes
Ernst Stöhr 1865 Sankt Pölten 1917 Sankt Pölten AT yes
Johann Victor Krämer 1861 Adamov (Blansko District) 1949 Vienna AT yes
Hans Tichy 1861 Brno 1925 Vienna AT yes
Josef Huber-Feldkirch 1858 Feldkirch 1932 Neuburg am Inn AT yes
Leo Samberger 1861 Ingolstadt 1949 Munich DE yes
Matthäus Schiestl 1869 Gnigl 1939 Munich DE yes
Carl Marr 1858 Milwaukee 1936 Munich US yes
Jacques-Emile Blanche 1861 Auteuil 1942 Paris FR yes
Paul Eduard Crodel 1862 Cottbus 1928 Dietramszell DE yes
Julius Diez 1870 Nuremberg 1954 Munich DE yes
Walter Georgi 1871 Leipzig 1924 Utting DE yes
Hermann Groeber 1865 Wartenberg, Bavaria 1935 Munich DE yes
Thomas Alexander Harrison 1853 Philadelphia 1930 Paris US yes
Adolf Hengeler 1863 Kempten 1927 Munich DE yes
Angelo Jank 1868 Munich 1940 Munich DE yes
Richard Kaiser 1868 Magdeburg 1941 Munich DE yes
Heinrich Knirr 1862 Pančevo 1944 Staudach-Egerndach DE yes
John Lavery 1856 Belfast 1941 Kilkenny IE yes
Wilhelm Ludwig Lehmann 1861 Zurich 1932 Zurich CH yes
Carl Theodor Meyer-Basel 1860 Basel 1932 Sankt Gallen CH yes
Karl Johann Nikolaus Piepho 1869 Frankfurt am Main 1920 Munich DE yes
Bertram Priestman 1868 Bradford 1951 Woodbridge GB yes
Rudolf Schramm-Zittau 1874 Zittau 1929 Ehrwald DE yes
Frigyes Strobentz 1856 Budapest 1929 Munich HU yes
Charles Vetter May 1, 1858 Schkopau 1941 Munich DE yes
Richard Winternitz 1861 Stuttgart 1929 Munich DE yes
Alfred Withers 1856 London 1932 London GB yes
Stephan Filipkiewicz 1879 Tarnów 1944 Mauthausen PL yes
Anton Nowak 1865 Maribor 1932 Vienna AT yes
Julian Falat 1853 Tuligłowy 1929 Bystrzyca Kłodzka PL yes
Franz Jaschke 1862 Vienna 1910 Vienna AT yes
Franz Hohenberger 1867 Vienna 1941 Vienna AT yes
Eugenie Breithut-Munk 1867 Vienna 1915 Vienna AT yes
Rudolf Hellwag 1867 Innsbruck 1942 Berlin AT yes
Rudolf Sieck 1877 Rosenheim 1957 Prien am Chiemsee DE yes
Gennaro Favai 1879 Venice 1958 Venice IT yes
Louise Breslau 1856 Munich 1927 Neuilly-sur-Seine CH yes
Friedrich Eckenfelder 1861 Bern 1938 Balingen DE yes
Albin Egger-Lienz 1868 Stribach 1926 AT yes
Stanisław Lentz 1861 Warsaw 1920 Warsaw PL yes
Adolf Oberländer 1845 Regensburg 1923 Munich DE yes
Charles François Daubigny 1817 Paris 1878 Paris FR yes
Eugène Delacroix 1798 Saint-Maurice 1863 Paris FR yes
Hubert von Heyden 1860 Berlin 1911 Munich DE yes
Georg Flad 1853 Heidelberg 1913 Dachau DE yes
Jules Leon Flandrin 1871 Corenc 1947 Paris FR yes
Fritz Baer 1850 Munich 1919 Munich DE yes
Hans von Bartels 1856 Hamburg 1913 Munich DE yes
Carl Blos 1860 Mannheim 1941 Munich DE yes
Friedrich August von Kaulbach 1850 Munich 1920 Ohlstadt DE yes
Franz Seraph von Lenbach 1836 Schrobenhausen 1904 Munich DE yes
Ludwig von Löfftz 1845 Darmstadt 1910 Munich DE yes
Hans Petersen 1850 Husum 1914 Munich DE yes
Paul René Reinicke 1860 Strenznaundorf 1926 Steingaden DE yes
Adrian Paul Allinson 1890 London 1959 London GB yes
Hans von Faber du Faur 1863 Stuttgart 1940 Munich DE yes
Max Kuschel Oct 18, 1862 Breslau Sep 18, 1935 Munich DE yes
Hermann Urban 1866 New Orleans 1946 Bad Aibling US yes
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot 1796 Paris 1875 Paris FR yes
Camille Pissarro 1831 Charlotte Amalie 1903 Paris FR yes
Hermann-Paul 1864 Paris 1940 Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer FR yes
Guillaume van Strydonck 1861 Namsos 1937 Saint-Gilles BE yes
Franz Xaver Hoch May 15, 1869 Freiburg im Breisgau Jun 17, 1916 Châtas DE yes
Jean-François Raffaëlli 1850 Paris 1924 Paris FR yes
Alfred Hazledine 1876 Mol 1957 Brussels BE yes
Ethel Carrick Fox 1872 London 1952 Melbourne AU yes
Olga Boznańska 1865 Cracow 1940 Paris PL yes
Eugène Zak 1884 Mogilno 1926 Paris PL yes
Derwent Lees 1885 Hobart 1931 London AU yes
George William Russell 1867 Lurgan 1935 Bournemouth IE yes
Philip Wilson Steer 1860 Birkenhead 1942 London GB yes
Jack B. Yeats 1871 Tullylish 1957 New York IE yes
Theodore Earl Butler 1860 Columbus, Ohio 1936 Giverny US yes
Ivan Bilibin 1876 Tarkhovka 1942 Saint Petersburg RU yes
Nicholas Roerich 1874 Saint Petersburg 1947 Kulu RU yes
Dmitry Stelletsky 1875 Brest-Litovsk 1947 Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois RU yes
Léon Dabo 1868 Detroit 1960 New York US yes
Katherine Sophie Dreier 1877 New York 1952 Milford US yes
James Pryde 1866 Edinburgh 1941 London GB yes
Rosa Bonheur 1822 Bordeaux 1899 Thomery FR yes
Bessie MacNicol 1869 Glasgow 1904 Glasgow GB yes
Elizabeth Lucy Gabell Smith 1861 1934 Lewes GB yes
Isabella A. Dods-Withers 1876 North Berwick 1939 London GB yes
Ethel Quixano Henriques 1868 Manchester 1936 London GB yes
Clare Atwood 1866 Surrey 1962 Tenterden GB yes
Mary Sargant Florence 1857 London 1954 Twickenham GB yes
Susanne Robertson 1855 Hague, The 1922 Hague, The NL yes
Francis Q. Thomason 1876 Van Buren (Arkansas) 1924 US yes
Olga Florian Wisinger 1844 Vienna 1926 Grafenegg AT yes
Irma von Duczynska 1869 Lviv 1932 Wiesneck AT yes
Marie Egner 1850 Bad Radkersburg 1940 Vienna AT yes
Ludvík Kuba 1863 Poděbrady 1956 Prague CZ yes
Josef Beyer 1843 Vienna 1917 Vienna AT yes
Raoul Frank 1867 Linz 1939 AT yes
Emily Ford 1851 Leeds 1930 GB yes
Ludwig Ferdinand Graf 1868 Vienna 1932 Vienna AT yes
Walter Sigmund Hampel 1867 Vienna 1949 AT yes
Lily Blatherwick 1854 London 1934 London GB yes
Leo von Littrow 1860 Trieste 1914 Opatija AT yes
Alexander Demetrius Goltz 1857 Püspökladány 1944 Vienna AT yes
Auguste Schäffer-Wahrmund 1862 Vienna 1936 Vienna AT yes
Augustin Roth 1864 Krásno 1952 Vienna AT yes
Hugo Baar 1873 Nový Jičín 1912 Munich AT yes
Theodor Axentowicz 1859 Brașov 1938 Cracow PL yes
Stanislaus Kamocki 1875 Warsaw 1944 Zakopane PL yes
Leon Wyczółkowski 1852 Kozienice 1936 Warsaw PL yes
Wojciech Weiss 1875 Leorda 1950 Cracow PL yes
Józef Pankiewicz 1866 Lublin 1940 Marseilles PL yes
Jan Stanisławski 1860 Olshana 1907 Krakow PL yes
Fernand-Marie-Eugéne Legout-Gérard 1856 Saint-Lô 1924 Paris FR yes
Antonin Hudecek 1872 Ředhošť, near Mšené-lázně 1941 Častolovice CZ yes
Antonín Slavíček 1870 Prague 1910 Prague CZ yes
Joža Úprka 1861 Kněždub 1940 CZ yes
Gustave Bamberger 1861 Würzburg 1936 Scheibbs DE yes
M. K. Čiurlionis 1875 Varėna 1911 Warsaw LT yes
Vladimir Pokrovsky 1871 Moscow 1931 Saint Petersburg RU yes
Otto Hierl-Deronco 1859 Memmingen 1935 Munich DE yes
Eugène Isabey 1803 Paris 1886 Lagny FR yes
Walther Bötticher 1885 Hagen 1916 France DE yes
Charles J. Palmie 1863 Aschersleben 1911 Munich DE yes
Peter Paul Müller-Werlau 1866 Werlau 1949 Bonn DE yes
Julius, the younger Adam 1852 Munich 1913 Munich DE yes
Richard Benno Adam 1873 Munich 1937 Munich DE yes
Karl Albert von Baur 1851 Munich 1907 Unterammergau DE yes
Theodor Bohnenberger 1868 Stuttgart 1941 Bad Tölz DE yes
Józef Brandt 1841 Szczebrzeszyn 1915 Radom PL yes
Simeon Buchbinder 1853 Radzyń Podlaski 1908 Berlin PL yes
Robert Büchtger Sep 23, 1862 Saint Petersburg Mar 28, 1951 Munich DE yes
Gerolamo Cairati 1860 Trieste 1943 Munich IT yes
Gilbert von Canal 1849 Ljubljana 1927 Dresden DE yes
Edward Theodore Compton 1849 London 1921 Feldafing GB yes
Franz von Defregger 1835 Stronach 1921 Munich AT yes
Michael Zeno Diemer 1867 Munich 1939 Oberammergau DE yes
Adolf Echtler 1843 Gdańsk 1914 Munich DE yes
Reinhold Max Eichler 1872 Mutzschen 1947 Munich DE yes
Otto von Faber du Faur 1828 Ludwigsburg 1901 Munich DE yes
August Fink 1846 Munich 1916 Munich DE yes
Walter Firle 1859 Breslau 1929 Munich DE yes
August Frind 1852 Krásná Lípa 1924 Krásná Lípa DE yes
Walter Geffcken 1872 Hamburg 1950 DE yes
Josua von Gietl 1847 Munich 1922 Munich DE yes
Eduard von Grützner 1846 Groß-Karlowitz 1925 Munich DE yes
Edmund Harburger 1846 Eichstätt 1906 Munich DE yes
Adolf Heller 1874 Hamburg 1914 Berlin DE yes
Frank Simon Herrmann 1866 New York 1942 Long Branch US yes
Paul Hey 1867 Munich 1952 Gauting DE yes
August Hoffmann von Vestenhof 1848 Olomouc 1922 Munich DE yes
Johann Baptist Hofner 1832 Aresing 1913 Munich DE yes
August Johann Holmberg 1851 Munich 1911 Munich DE yes
Johann Daniel Holz 1867 Bremen 1945 Fürstenfeldbruck DE yes
Hans Kamlah 1861 1908 DE yes
Hermann Kaulbach 1846 Munich 1909 Munich DE yes
Hermann Knopf 1870 Vienna 1928 Munich AT yes
Alfred Kowalski 1849 Suwałki 1915 Munich PL yes
Erich Kubierschky 1854 Ząbkowice Śląskie 1944 Eching am Ammersee DE yes
August Kühles 1859 Würzburg 1926 Munich DE yes
Karl Küstner 1861 Guntersblum 1934 Munich DE yes
Adam Kunz 1857 Vienna 1929 Munich DE yes
Anton Laupheimer 1848 Erbach an der Donau 1927 Munich DE yes
Wilhelm von Diez 1839 Bayreuth 1907 Munich DE yes
Karl Gussow 1843 Havelberg 1907 Pasing DE yes
Hugo Wilhelm Kauffmann 1844 Hamburg 1915 Prien am Chiemsee DE yes
Richard Lipps 1857 Berlin 1926 Starnberg DE yes
Wilhelm Löwith 1861 Strážov 1932 Munich AT yes
Gabriel Max 1840 Prague 1915 Munich DE yes
Pius Ferdinand Messerschmitt 1858 Bamberg 1915 Munich DE yes
Marie Nyl-Frosch 1857 Munich 1914 Munich DE yes
Georg Papperitz 1846 Dresden 1918 Munich DE yes
Gino Parin 1876 Trieste 1944 Lager Bergen Belsen IT yes
Ernst Ludwig Plaß 1855 Sterley 1917 Lubeck DE yes
Ferdinand Freih. van Reznicek 1868 Vienna 1909 Munich AT yes
Toby Edward Rosenthal 1848 New Haven 1917 Munich US yes
Franz Roubaud 1856 Odessa 1928 Munich RU yes
Tini Rupprecht 1868 Munich 1956 Geneva DE yes
Gabriel Schachinger 1850 Munich 1912 Eglfing DE yes
Philipp Otto Schäfer 1868 Darmstadt DE yes
Robert Schleich 1845 Munich 1934 Munich DE yes
Heinrich Schlitt 1849 Biebrich am Rhein 1923 Munich DE yes
Ernst Schmitz 1859 Dusseldorf 1917 Munich DE yes
Leopold Schonchen 1855 Augsburg 1935 Munich DE yes
Julius Schrag 1864 Nuremberg 1948 Munich DE yes
Albert Friedrich Schröder 1854 Dresden 1939 Munich DE yes
Raffael Schuster-Woldan 1870 Strzegom 1951 Garmisch-Partenkirchen DE yes
Alfred Schwarzschild 1874 Frankfurt am Main 1948 London DE yes
Carl Wilhelm Anton Seiler 1846 Wiesbaden 1921 Munich DE yes
Franz Xaver Simm 1853 Vienna 1918 Munich AT yes
Karl Staudinger 1874 Wies 1962 Sonneberg AT yes
Edmund Steppes 1873 Burghausen, Altötting 1968 Deggendorf DE yes
Richard Hermann Strebel 1861 Veracruz Llave 1940 Burghausen, Altötting DE yes
Leopold Otto Strützel 1855 Dessau 1930 Munich DE yes
Ernst Thallmaier 1868 Munich 1916 Munich DE yes
Paul Thiem 1858 Berlin 1922 Starnberg DE yes
Walter Thor 1870 Nowa Sól 1929 Munich DE yes
Emil Uhl 1864 Most 1945 Bayerisch Gmain AT yes
Joseph Emanuel Weiser 1847 Paczkow 1911 Munich DE yes
Josef Wenglein 1845 Munich 1919 Bad Tölz DE yes
Albert Wenk 1863 Bühl 1934 Munich DE yes
Manuel Wielandt 1863 Löwenstein 1922 Munich DE yes
Rudolf Bernhard Willmann 1868 Strasbourg 1919 Munich FR yes
Ludwig Willroider 1845 Villach 1910 Bernried DE yes
Wenzel Wirkner 1864 Karlovy Vary 1947 Munich DE yes
Joseph Wopfner 1843 Schwaz 1927 Munich DE yes
Ernst Karl Georg Zimmermann 1852 Munich 1901 Munich DE yes
Ludwig von Zumbusch 1861 Munich 1927 Munich DE yes
Victor Olivier Gilsoul 1867 Brussels 1939 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert BE yes
Henri Luyten 1859 Roermond 1945 Brasschaat BE yes
Albert Pinot 1875 Saint-Gilles 1962 Ixelles BE yes
Maurice Wagemans 1877 Brussels 1927 Bredene BE yes
Jacqueline Marval 1866 Quaix-en-Chartreuse 1932 Paris FR yes
Fülöp László 1869 Budapest 1937 London HU yes
George Manzana-Pissarro 1871 Louveciennes 1961 Menton FR yes
Maurice Asselin 1882 Orléans 1947 Neuilly-sur-Seine FR yes
John Singer Sargent 1856 Florence 1925 London US yes
Fernande Olivier 1881 Paris 1966 Neuilly-sur-Seine FR yes
Phelan Gibb 1870 Alnwick 1948 Great Hampden GB yes
Henri Ottmann 1877 Ancenis 1927 Vernon, Eure FR yes
Jacques Brissaud 1880 Paris 1960 Nemours FR yes
T. Frantisek Simon 1877 Železnice 1942 Prague CZ yes
Maximilián Švabinský 1873 Kroměříž 1962 Prague CZ yes
Robert Anning Bell 1863 London 1933 London GB yes
Simon Albert Bussy 1869 Dôle 1954 London FR yes
Carlos Reymond 1884 Paris 1970 Nice FR yes
Jessica Dismorr 1885 Gravesend 1939 London GB yes
Narcisse Virgile Diaz de la Peña 1807 Bordeaux 1876 Menton FR yes
Jean Louis Ernest Meissonier 1815 Lyon 1891 Paris FR yes
Théodore Rousseau 1812 Paris 1867 Barbizon FR yes
Christian Adolf Schreyer 1828 Frankfurt am Main 1899 Kronberg im Taunus DE yes
Constant Troyon 1810 Sèvres 1865 Paris FR yes
Alois Kalvoda 1875 Šlapanice 1934 CZ yes
Hugo Boettinger 1880 Plzeň 1934 Prague CZ yes
Hanuš Schwaiger 1854 Jindřichův Hradec 1912 Prague CZ yes
Henri-Joseph Harpignies 1819 Valenciennes 1916 Saint-Privé FR yes
Henri Jean Guillaume Martin 1860 Toulouse 1943 Labastide-du-Vert FR yes
William Nicholson 1872 Newark-on-Trent 1949 Berkshire GB yes
William Rothenstein 1872 Bradford 1945 Far Oakridge GB yes
Grosvenor Thomas 1856 Sydney 1923 London AU yes
Eduard Zetsche 1844 Vienna 1927 Vienna AT yes
Ludwig Sigmundt 1860 Graz 1936 Graz AT yes
Robert Little 1854 Greenock 1944 Royal Tunbridge Wells GB yes
Alfred Edward Borthwick 1871 Scarborough, North Yorkshire 1955 GB yes
Agnes Raeburn M. 1872 Glasgow 1955 Edinburgh GB yes
Emily Murray Paterson 1855 Edinburgh 1934 London GB yes
John Muirhead 1863 Edinburgh 1927 Upper Norwood GB yes
Alex McLellan 1872 Greenock 1957 GB yes
James Whitelaw Hamilton 1860 Glasgow 1932 Glasgow GB yes
Charles Alexandre Picart le Doux 1881 Paris 1959 Paris FR yes
John Robert Keitley Duff 1862 London 1938 London GB yes
Willem Elisa Roelofs 1874 Schaerbeek 1940 Hague, The NL yes
Rupert Bunny 1864 Saint Kilda 1947 Melbourne AU yes
Charles C. J. Hoffbauer 1875 Paris 1957 Boston FR yes
Ulisse Caputo 1872 Salerno 1948 Paris IT yes
Arsène Chabanian 1864 Erzurum 1949 Paris TR yes
Annie Cape Colthurst 1850 Ireland 1930 London IE yes
Robert Buchan Nisbet 1857 Edinburgh 1942 Perth GB yes
Wilhelm Victor Krausz 1878 Nitra 1959 Baden bei Wien HU yes
Oliver Hall 1869 London 1957 Ulverston GB yes
Herbert Edwin Pelham Hughes-Stanton 1870 Chelsea 1937 London GB yes
Mary Rankin Swan 1855 Cork IE yes
Thomas Austen Brown 1859 Edinburgh 1924 Boulogne GB yes
Horace Mann Livens 1862 Croydon 1936 Harrow GB yes
Arthur Douglas Peppercorn 1847 London 1926 Ashtead GB yes
Alexander Jamieson 1873 Glasgow 1937 London GB yes
Konrad Krzyżanowski 1872 Kremenchug 1922 Warsaw PL yes
Vladimir Polunin 1880 Moscow 1957 RU yes
Vladimir Komarovsky 1883 Saint Petersburg 1937 Moscow RU yes
Matija Jama 1872 Ljubljana 1947 Ljubljana SI yes
Rihard Jakopič 1869 Ljubljana 1943 Ljubljana SI yes
Ivan Grohar 1867 Sorica 1911 Ljubljana SI yes
James Taylor Brown 1868 Kilmarnock 1923 Stewarton GB yes
William Alfred Gibson 1866 Glasgow 1931 Glasgow GB yes
Dudley Hardy 1867 Sheffield 1922 London GB yes
John Hassall 1868 Walmer 1948 London GB yes
W. Cunningham Hector yes
Alexander Frew 1863 1908 GB yes
Andrew Law 1873 Crosshouse 1967 GB yes
Irène Reno 1884 Warsaw 1953 Paris FR yes
Hilda Flodin 1877 Helsingfors 1958 Helsingfors FI yes
Marcel Fournier 1869 Chantelle 1917 Margny-lès-Compiègne FR yes
Anna Hope Hudson 1869 New York 1957 US yes
Leon Kamir 1872 Pavlov 1933 Louveciennes PL yes
Gerald Festus Kelly 1879 London 1972 Exmouth GB yes
Byam Shaw 1872 Madras 1919 London GB yes
Westley Manning 1868 London 1954 GB yes
Gerard Chowne 1875 India 1917 Macedonia (ancient) GB yes
Lucien Pissarro 1863 Paris 1944 Hewood FR yes
Albert Daniel Rutherston 1881 Bradford 1953 Lausanne GB yes
Grace Westray 1878 GB yes
Francis J. P. Bate 1858 London 1950 GB yes
Wilfrid-Gabriel De Glehn 1870 Sydenham 1951 GB yes
Francis Dodd 1874 Holyhead 1949 Blackheath GB yes
Ethel Walker 1861 Edinburgh 1951 London GB yes
Walter Westley Russell 1867 London 1949 London GB yes
Alice Maud Fanner 1865 Surrey 1930 GB yes
Frederick Brown 1851 Chelmsford 1941 Richmond, North Yorkshire GB yes
James Levin Henry 1855 London 1929 GB yes
William C. Coles GB yes
Moffat Peter Lindner 1852 Birmingham 1949 St Ives, Cornwall GB yes
Bernard Sickert 1862 Munich 1932 Jordan DE yes
Hugh Bellingham-Smith 1866 London 1922 London GB yes
Charles John Holmes 1868 Preston 1936 London GB yes
L. A. Harrison 1867 1937 GB yes
Henry Tonks 1862 Solihull 1937 London GB yes
Albert Ernest Bottomley 1873 Leeds 1950 Reigate GB yes
Archibald Standish Hartrick 1864 Bangalore 1950 London GB yes
Ambrose McEvoy 1878 Wiltshire 1927 London GB yes
Charles Sims 1873 Islington 1928 Saint Boswells GB yes
Sydney Lee 1866 Manchester 1949 London GB yes
William Orpen 1878 Dublin 1931 London GB yes
W. Y. Macgregor 1855 Finnart 1923 Bridge of Allan GB yes
Alfred Hayward 1875 London 1971 London GB yes
William Todd-Brown 1875 Glasgow 1952 Torquay GB yes
Frank Lewis Emanuel 1865 London 1948 London GB yes
Charles Stabb 1872 1930 GB yes
Muirhead Bone 1876 Partick 1953 Oxford GB yes
Alfred William Rich 1856 Scaynes Hill 1921 Tewkesbury GB yes
Hercules Brabazon Brabazon 1821 Paris 1906 Sedlescombe GB yes
George Thomson 1860 Aberdeenshire 1939 Boulogne GB yes
William Kneen 1862 Isle of Man 1921 London GB yes
Mary McCrossan 1854 Liverpool 1934 St Ives, Cornwall GB yes
Mary McEvoy 1870 Freshford 1941 London GB yes
Józef Czajkowski 1872 Warsaw 1947 Warsaw PL yes
Ferdynand Ruszczyc 1870 Bohdanów 1936 PL yes
Karol Frycz 1877 Cieszkowy 1963 Krakow PL yes
Dugald Sutherland MacColl 1859 Glasgow 1948 London GB yes
Francis Edward James 1849 Willingdon 1920 Great Torrington GB yes
E. C. Austen Brown 1869 1942 GB yes
David Young Cameron 1865 Glasgow 1945 Perth GB yes
George Washington Lambert 1873 Saint Petersburg 1930 Cobbitty AU yes
John Leech 1817 London 1864 London GB yes
James Wilson Morrice 1865 Montreal 1924 Tunis CA yes
Arthur Haythorne Studd 1863 Leicester 1919 London GB yes
James Havard Thomas 1854 Bristol 1921 London GB yes
S. Garstin Harvey GB yes
Enid Ursula Jackson 1874 1914 GB yes
Beatrice Malcolm yes
Vera Waddington 1886 Wiltshire 1954 GB yes
Stephen Granger yes
James Charles 1851 Warrington 1906 Wales GB yes
David Muirhead 1867 Edinburgh 1930 London GB yes
Alfred Hugh Fisher 1867 London 1945 London GB yes
Dermod O'Brien 1865 Foynes 1945 Limerick IE yes
Max West yes
C. L. MacCarthy yes
Betty Maud Christian Fagan 1875 Devizes 1932 London GB yes
Alfred H. R. Thornton 1863 Delhi 1939 Painswick GB yes
Sidney Mawson 1876 1937 GB yes
Mark Fisher 1841 Boston 1923 London GB yes
Ronald Gray 1868 London 1951 London GB yes
Maxwell Armfield 1881 Ringwood 1972 Warminster GB yes
Charles Lambert Colijn Thomson 1873 Thames Ditton 1926 Dorking GB yes
Jane Emmet De Glehn 1873 New Rochelle, New York 1961 New York US yes
F. H. S. Shepherd 1877 Stoke-sub-Hamdon 1948 London GB yes
William Herbert Clarkson 1872 1944 GB yes
Noel Rooke 1881 London 1953 London GB yes
J. Langton Barnard 1853 London 1902 GB yes
Fairlie Harmar 1876 Weymouth 1945 GB yes
Francis Sydney Unwin 1885 Stalbridge 1925 Norfolk GB yes
Arthur Ponsonby yes
Helen Catherine Bedford 1874 London 1949 London GB yes
Margaret Fisher Prout 1875 Chelsea 1963 Saint Leonards GB yes
Glyn Warren Philpot 1884 London 1937 London GB yes
Susan Isabel Dacre 1844 Royal Leamington Spa 1933 GB yes
Frank W. Carter 1870 1933 yes
Herman Hildesheim yes
Evelyn Cheston 1875 South Yorkshire 1929 Musbury GB yes
Philip Connard 1875 Southport 1958 Twickenham GB yes
Elizabeth Andrews 1882 1977 Eastbourne GB yes
William Crampton Gore 1877 Enniskillen 1946 Essex IE yes
Annie Louisa Swynnerton 1844 Greater Manchester 1933 Hayling Island GB yes
John Mansfield Crealock 1871 Manchester 1959 London GB yes
Essil R. Elmslie 1880 Bedford 1952 Surrey GB yes
Mark Lancelot Symons 1886 London 1935 Wokingham GB yes
John Quincy Adams 1874 Vienna 1933 Vienna AT yes
Willem Christiaan Constant Bleckmann 1853 Jakarta 1942 Hague, The NL yes
Hugo Darnaut 1850 Dessau 1937 Vienna AT yes
Johann Nepomuk Geller 1860 Vienna 1954 AT yes
Raimund Germela 1868 Vršac 1945 Vienna AT yes
Antoine Auguste Ernest Hébert 1817 La Tronche 1908 La Tronche FR yes
Gustav August Hessl 1849 Vienna 1926 Vienna AT yes
Pavle Ioanowits 1859 Vršac 1957 Vienna RS yes
Anton Hans Karlinsky 1872 Vienna 1945 AT yes
Eduard Kasparides 1858 Krönau (bei Mährisch Trübau) 1926 Bad Gleichenberg AT yes
Adolf Kaufmann 1848 Opava 1916 Vienna AT yes
Josef Kinzel 1852 Lobenstein 1925 Spitz AT yes
Rudolf Konopa 1864 Vienna 1938 Vienna AT yes
Wojciech Kossak 1857 Paris 1942 Cracow PL yes
Hans Larwin 1873 Vienna 1938 Vienna AT yes
Henri Le Sidaner 1862 Port Louis 1939 Paris FR yes
Albert, Jr. Ludovici 1852 Prague 1932 London GB yes
Antonio Mancini 1852 Albano Laziale 1930 Rome IT yes
Frank Mura 1861 Ranspach US yes
Karl Pippich 1862 Vienna 1932 AT yes
Karl Probst 1854 Vienna 1924 Vienna AT yes
Rudolf Quittner 1872 Opava 1910 Paris AT yes
Heinrich Rauchinger 1858 Cracow 1942 Terezín AT yes
Albert Roelofs 1877 Brussels 1920 Hague, The NL yes
Alois Hans Schram 1864 Vienna 1919 Vienna AT yes
Adolph Schwarz 1868 Vienna 1926 Vienna AT yes
Emil Strecker 1841 Dresden 1925 Dürnstein DE yes
Max Suppantschitsch 1865 Vienna 1953 Krems an der Donau AT yes
Heinrich Tomec 1863 Prague 1928 Vienna AT yes
Louis Abel-Truchet 1857 Versailles 1918 Auxerre FR yes
Nicolaes van der Waay 1855 Amsterdam 1936 Amsterdam NL yes
Alfred Zoff 1852 Graz 1927 Graz AT yes
Rudolf Bernt 1844 Neunkirchen, Austria 1914 AT yes
Ferdinand Brunner 1870 Vienna 1945 Vienna AT yes
Stanisław Debicki 1866 Lubaczów 1924 Cracow PL yes
Léon-Augustin Lhermitte 1844 Mont-Saint-Père 1925 Paris FR yes
Alexander Robinson 1867 Portsmouth 1952 Cassis US yes
Julius von Blaas 1845 Albano Laziale 1922 Hall in Tirol AT yes
Emil Czech 1862 Moravia 1929 AT yes
Karl Friedrich Gsur 1871 Vienna 1939 Vienna DE yes
Ludwig Koch 1866 Vienna 1934 Vienna AT yes
Ludwig Michalek 1859 Timișoara 1942 Vienna AT yes
Viktor Scharf 1872 Vienna 1943 AT yes
Nikol Schattenstein 1877 Ponjemon 1954 New York RU yes
Stefan Simony 1860 Vienna 1950 Vienna AT yes
Harry Hine 1845 London 1941 Botesdale GB yes
Victoria Susanna Colkett 1840 Norwich 1926 Woodbridge GB yes
Bess Norris 1878 Melbourne 1939 London GB yes
Sholto Johnstone Douglas 1871 Edinburgh 1958 GB yes
Helen Saunders 1885 London 1963 Holborn GB yes
Jacob Kramer 1892 Ukraine 1962 Leeds GB yes
Wynford Dewhurst 1864 Manchester 1941 Burton on Trent GB yes
Roderic O'Conor 1860 Roscommon 1940 Nueil-sur-Layon IE yes
Eleanor Fell Thetford 1946 Worthing GB yes
William Edward Arnold-Forster 1885 South Kensington 1951 Penzance GB yes
Mary Gwendolen Salmond 1877 Aylesford 1958 London GB yes
William Frederick Mayor 1865 Winksley 1916 London GB yes
Gerald Fenwick Metcalfe 1871 Landour, Bengal 1929 GB yes
C. Maresco Pearce 1874 London 1964 Graffham GB yes
Sybil Emerson 1892 Worcester, Massachusetts yes
J. P. Salwey yes
Ursula Tyrwhitt 1878 Nazeing 1966 Oxford GB yes
Emily Beatrice Bland 1864 Lincolnshire 1951 London GB yes
Henry Bishop 1868 London 1939 London GB yes
Marian Dawson yes
Harold Knight 1874 Nottingham 1961 Colwall GB yes
William Shackleton 1872 Bradford 1933 London GB yes
Mabel Hewett yes
Una Chase yes
Alexander Stuart Boyd 1854 Glasgow 1930 Auckland GB yes
John Everett 1876 Dorchester 1949 London GB yes
Ernest Leopold Sichel 1862 Bradford 1941 Bradford GB yes
Norma Labouchere 1871 London 1940 Cairo GB yes
Edward John Gregory 1850 Southampton 1909 Marlow, Buckinghamshire GB yes
Dorothea Landau 1881 London 1941 GB yes
Thomas William Marshall 1875 Donisthorpe 1914 Paris GB yes
Neville Bulwer-Lytton, Earl of Lytton 1879 Kolkata 1951 Paris GB yes
Max Kahrer 1878 Timișoara 1937 Klosterneuburg AT yes
Juliusz Makarewicz 1854 Werchnje Synjowydne 1936 Cracow PL yes
Aleksander Augustynowicz 1865 Iskrzynia 1944 Warsaw PL yes
Jacek Malczewski 1854 Radom 1929 Cracow PL yes
Bronisława Rychter-Janowska 1868 Cracow 1953 Cracow PL yes
Roman Bratkowski 1869 Lviv 1954 Wieliczka PL yes
Stanislaw Reichan 1858 Lviv 1919 Cracow PL yes
Zygmunt Rozwadowski 1870 Lviv 1950 Zakopane PL yes
Stanisław Janowski 1866 Cracow 1942 Cracow PL yes
Ivan Trusz 1869 Vysotsko 1941 Lviv RU yes
Ella Modrakowska yes
Zefiryn Ćwikliński 1871 Lviv 1930 Zakopane PL yes
Severyn Obst 1847 Nizhnii Bereziv 1917 Lviv PL yes
Theodor Bruckner 1870 Vienna 1940 AT yes
Carl Kaiser-Herbst 1858 Vienna 1940 Vienna AT yes
Gottlieb Theodor von Kempf-Hartenkampf 1871 Vienna 1964 AT yes
Alfons Leopold Mielich 1863 Klosterneuburg 1929 Salzburg AT yes
Ladislaus Eugen Petrovits 1839 Vienna 1907 Vienna AT yes
Julius Schmid 1854 Vienna 1935 Mödling AT yes
Karl Maria Schuster 1871 Purkersdorf 1953 Vienna AT yes
Alfred Wesemann 1874 Vienna AT yes
Theodor Josef Ethofer 1849 Vienna 1915 Baden bei Wien AT yes
Franz Xaver von Pausinger 1839 Salzburg 1915 Salzburg AT yes
Constantin Damianos 1869 Vienna 1953 Graz AT yes
Marie Arnsburg 1853 Vienna 1940 Vienna AT yes
Luigi Kasimir 1881 Ptuj 1962 Vienna AT yes
Hermine von Lattermann yes
Josef Arbesser-Rastburg 1850 Judenburg 1928 Graz AT yes
Paul Scholz 1859 Vienna 1940 Graz AT yes
Adolf Wagner 1844 Wildon 1918 Graz AT yes
Anton Marussig 1868 Graz 1925 Graz AT yes
Hermann Bergmeister 1869 Bregenz 1938 Graz AT yes
Josef Mahorcig 1843 Trieste 1923 Graz AT yes
Ernestine von Kirchsberg 1857 Verona 1924 Graz AT yes
Ferdo Vesel 1861 Ljubljana 1946 Ljubljana SI yes
Peter Zmitek 1874 Kropa 1935 Ljubljana SI yes
F. Bernecker yes
Marianne von Eschenburg 1856 Vienna 1937 Vienna AT yes
Bertha von Tarnoczy 1846 Innsbruck 1936 Pörtschach am Wörthersee AT yes
Marie Müller 1847 Vienna 1935 Vienna AT yes
Susanne Renate Granitsch 1869 Vienna 1946 Vienna AT yes
Wilhelm von Szabados yes
Vlaho Bukovac 1855 Cavtat 1922 Prague HR yes
Emmanuel Vidovic 1872 Split 1953 Split HR yes
Antonietta Bogdanovic-Cettineo yes
Marko Rašica 1883 Dubrovnik 1963 HR yes
James Hamilton Hay 1874 Liverpool 1916 London GB yes
Percy Francis Gethin 1874 Sligo 1916 Département de la Somme IE yes
Helen Innes yes
Innes Meo 1886 1967 GB yes
Max Beerbohm 1872 London 1956 Rapallo GB yes
Nelson Dawson 1859 Lincolnshire 1941 London GB yes
Philip C. Smith yes
Walter Taylor 1860 Leeds 1943 London GB yes
Hanslip Fletcher 1874 London 1955 Northampton GB yes
Wyndham Tryon 1883 London 1942 Southampton GB yes
Clara Taylor GB yes
Francis Ernest Jackson 1873 Huddersfield 1945 Oxford GB yes
H. Samuel Teed 1883 London 1916 Pozières GB yes
Elsie Druce 1880 1965 yes
Thea Proctor 1879 Armidale, New South Wales 1966 Potts Point, New South Wales AU yes
Donald Graeme MacLaren 1886 Kensington 1917 Weybridge GB yes
Charles A. Sheehan 1868 1956 GB yes
Randolph Schwabe 1885 Manchester 1948 Helensburgh GB yes
Anna Airy 1882 Greenwich 1964 Rayford GB yes
Elliot Seabrooke 1886 Essex 1950 Nice GB yes
Geoffrey Buckingham Pocock 1879 London 1960 GB yes
Nolan of Castleknock yes
Caron O. Lodge 1883 Bruges 1910 London GB yes
Mina Loy 1882 London 1966 Aspen, Colorado GB yes
Katharine Turner GB yes
Bertram Nicholls 1883 Lancashire 1974 Worthing GB yes
Edna Clarke Hall 1879 Shipborne 1979 Upminster GB yes
Violet Eustace 1875 GB yes
D. M. Burgess yes
Denys George Wells 1881 Bedford 1973 New Malden GB yes
Stewart Dick yes
Edward Louis Laurenson 1868 Dublin 1940 Sussex IE yes
Frederick William Jackson 1859 Oldham 1918 Yorkshire GB yes
Ludovico Rodolphe Pissarro 1878 Paris 1952 Paris FR yes
John Nickal yes
Gerald Summers 1886 Mottram in Longdendale 1969 Ferndown GB yes
William Edward Fox 1872 Falmouth 1948 GB yes
Arthur Croft Mitchell 1872 1956 GB yes
Robert Douglas Wells 1875 1963 GB yes
Joseph Crawhall 1861 Morpeth 1913 London GB yes
Frederick O`Neill Gallagher yes
Mary Wilson yes
Robert James Enraght-Moony 1879 Athlone 1946 IE yes
Josephine Mason GB yes
Edward Barnard Lintott 1875 London 1951 London GB yes
Matthew William Webb 1841 1924 GB yes
Margory Brend 1880 1959 GB yes
Hilda Trevelyan 1878 1958 GB yes
Edward Robert King 1863 Kensington 1951 yes
Montague Smyth 1863 Saint Pancras 1965 London GB yes
Thomas Cantrell Dugdale 1880 Blackburn 1952 London GB yes
Florence E. Woollard yes
William Hartley Waddington 1883 Bradford 1961 Windermere GB yes
Charles Henry Collins Baker 1880 Ilminster 1959 London GB yes
Albert Henry Fullwood 1863 Birmingham 1930 Waverley AU yes
Walter Bayes 1869 London 1956 London GB yes
Charles Walter Simpson 1885 Camberley 1971 Nottinghamshire GB yes
E. N. Smith yes
Reginald Grange Brundrit 1883 Liverpool 1960 Masham GB yes
D. G. Innes yes
Guy Bevan Alexander 1882 Great Ayton 1942 GB yes
Alice B. C. Rowley yes
Frederick Victor Poole 1865 Southampton 1936 Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin GB yes
Daniel Albert Veresmith 1861 Cleveland, Ohio 1932 US yes
David Neave 1876 Glasgow GB yes
Garnet Ruskin Wolseley 1884 London 1967 Nettlecombe GB yes
Edith Gunther yes
Fletcher James Mercer 1861 Gainsborough 1922 GB yes
Arthur Streeton 1867 Victoria 1943 Olinda AU yes
F. C. Mulock 1866 1930 GB yes
Sylvia Frances Milman 1878 South Kensington 1957 Barnstaple GB yes
William, I MacTaggart 1835 Campbeltown 1910 Midlothian GB yes
Frederic Yates 1854 Southampton 1919 Marylebone GB yes
Florence E. Wollard yes
Louise Pickard 1865 Kingston-Upon-Hull 1928 London GB yes
Jan Strang 1886 London 1952 Wavendon GB yes
Andrew Colley 1859 Newcastle upon Tyne 1910 GB yes
Hugh Blaker 1873 Worthing 1936 Isleworth GB yes
Louis Augustus Sargent 1881 London 1965 St Ives, Cornwall GB yes
Harry Collison 1868 Wimbledon 1945 London GB yes
Ruth Manson yes
Emmie Stewart Wood 1937 GB yes
Winifred Howe 1880 West Horsley 1953 GB yes
Gabelle Smith yes
Clifford Isaac Addams 1876 Woodbury 1942 New York US yes
J. MacWheeble yes
Irene Richter yes
S. Noel Simmons GB yes
Edgar Albert Slade 1872 London 1963 GB yes
E. B. Granger yes
Willem van Hasselt 1882 Rotterdam 1963 Nogent-sur-Marne NL yes
Diana White 1868 Hackney 1950 GB yes
Bertha Hornung yes
D. Neane yes
Elinor Proby Adams 1885 Sudbury 1945 Pembury GB yes
Marjory Perceval yes
Nina Hamnett 1890 Tenby 1956 London GB yes
Frank Potter 1885 Stoke Newington 1958 London GB yes
Bernard Meninsky 1891 Konotop 1950 London GB yes
Orovida Camille Pissarro 1893 Epping, Essex 1968 London GB yes
Alice Davies yes
John Wheatley 1892 Abergavenny 1955 London GB yes
Hubert Waley 1891 Royal Tunbridge Wells 1968 GB yes
Laura Sylvia Gosse 1881 London 1968 London GB yes
John P. Flanagan yes
Henry Rushbury 1889 Harborne 1968 Lewes GB yes
John White 1851 Edinburgh 1933 Axminster GB yes
Antonia Cyriax 1881 1927 GB yes
Sylvia Meyer yes
Philip Naviasky 1894 Leeds 1983 GB yes
Morris Goldstein 1892 Pińczów London GB yes
Mary Godwin 1887 Bristol 1960 GB yes
Geoffrey C. Nelson 1887 GB yes
John Noble 1874 Wichita, Kansas 1934 New York US yes
Joseph Edward Southall 1861 Nottingham 1944 Birmingham GB yes
Ruth T. Doggett 1893 1945 GB yes
Gilbert Spencer 1893 Cookham 1979 Cliveden GB yes
Tom Robertson 1850 Glasgow 1947 Eastbourne GB yes
Frederic Cayley Robinson 1862 Brentford 1927 London GB yes
Nora Summers 1892 Brislington 1948 Ferndown GB yes
William Lionel Clause 1887 Middleton 1946 London GB yes
Winifred Lynton Hannay 1890 London 1964 GB yes
Stanisława Karłowska 1876 Wszeliwy 1952 London GB yes
J. A. Milburn White yes
Ethel Harriet Elder 1876 GB yes
Maud Angela Mathers 1890 Forest Hill 1921 yes
Robert Gregory 1881 Galway 1918 GB yes
Harold Squire 1881 Valparaíso 1959 Henfield GB yes
Gerald L. Brockhurst 1890 Birmingham 1978 Franklin Lakes US yes
William John Leech 1881 Dublin 1968 New York IE yes
Charles March Gere 1869 Gloucester 1957 Gloucester GB yes
Christopher William Strange GB yes
Edith Grace Wheatley 1888 London 1970 GB yes
Katherine Frances Clausen 1886 New York 1936 US yes
Anais Fohn yes
Bernard Cecil Gotch 1876 Winchester 1963 Oxford GB yes
Margaret Gere 1878 Royal Leamington Spa 1965 GB yes
Winifred Phillips 1882 1958 GB yes
C. M. Norsworthy yes
Paul-Emile Pissarro 1884 Éragny 1972 Paris FR yes
John Damon Turner 1873 Streatham 1938 Streatham GB yes
Nora Lucy Mowbray Cundell 1889 London 1948 London GB yes
Douglas Fox Pitt 1864 London 1922 Brighton GB yes
Helen R. Lock GB yes
Henri Gensel yes
Tom L. Poulton 1897 1963 GB yes
Ellen Eaton 1865 Chelsea 1949 Sturry GB yes
Phyllis Gardner 1890 Cambridge 1939 Maidenhead GB yes
Dorothy Brett 1883 London 1977 Taos GB yes
Tom Roberts 1856 Dorchester 1931 Kallista AU yes
Neville Lewis 1895 Cape Town 1972 Stellenbosch GB yes
Gwendolen Raverat 1885 Cambridge 1957 Cambridge GB yes
Jacques Raverat 1885 Paris 1925 FR yes
William Wyatt Bagshawe 1882 Sheffield 1916 Département de la Somme GB yes
Enid H. Bagnold yes
Vernon Hill 1887 Halifax 1972 GB yes
Charles Sidney Cheston 1882 London 1960 Polstead GB yes
Sydney William Carline 1888 London 1929 London GB yes
Isaac Rosenberg 1890 Bristol 1918 Arras GB yes
Elinor Mary Darwin 1879 Limerick 1954 Bromley GB yes
James Bolivar Manson 1879 London 1945 London GB yes
Edouard Chappel 1859 Antwerp 1946 Cagnes-sur-Mer BE yes
Julia H. Creamer yes
Malcolm Milne 1887 Cheadle 1954 Oxford GB yes
Margaret Campbell Macpherson 1860 Saint John's 1931 Versailles GB yes
Percy Hague Jowett 1882 Halifax 1955 London GB yes
Sheelah Gunston yes
Charles Genge 1874 Hackney 1958 GB yes
John Riddle 1873 GB yes
Adam Slade 1875 Croydon GB yes
Anaïs Folin 1892 France yes
Inglis Sheldon-Williams 1870 Hampshire 1940 Tonbridge GB yes
Alvaro Guevara 1894 Valparaíso 1951 Aix-en-Provence CL yes
Rhoda Waley 1895 London 1985 GB yes
Harold Williamson 1898 Manchester 1972 Sale, Greater Manchester GB yes
Allan Gwynne-Jones 1892 London 1982 GB yes
Knox Madeline 1890 Grantham 1975 GB yes
Hester Frood 1882 Bulls 1971 Topsham GB yes
Eleanor Best 1875 Amport 1957 GB yes
F. Montagu Pollock yes
Dora Carrington 1893 Hereford 1932 Berkshire GB yes
Theodosia Townsend 1893 Kilmallock 1980 London yes
Barbara Davy yes
M. Evergood Blashki 1871 Melbourne 1939 Melbourne US yes
W. B. C. Burnet GB yes
Ruth Hollingsworth 1880 London 1945 Dedham GB yes
Mary Elizabeth Atkins London GB yes
Catherine M. Wood 1857 Islington 1950 Farnham GB yes
John Algernon Hallam 1880 London 1948 GB yes
Maud Ireland Button 1877 Uxbridge 1965 GB yes
Ernest George Beach 1865 London 1943 GB yes
Rowley Leggett 1878 1945 GB yes
Giuseppe Giusti 1872 Perugia IT yes
Arthur A. Friedenson 1872 Leeds 1955 Dorset GB yes
Jane Welsh yes
Howard Somerville 1873 Dundee 1952 Bristol GB yes
Mabel Nicholson 1871 Edinburgh 1918 England GB yes
Algernon Talmage 1871 Oxford 1939 Sherfield English GB yes
Harry Watson 1871 Scarborough, North Yorkshire 1936 London GB yes
C. Edmund Delbos 1879 1949 US yes
Louis Ginnett 1875 Brighton 1946 Ditchling GB yes
Hayley Lever 1876 Adelaide 1958 New York US yes
Alphaeus Philemon Cole 1876 Hoboken 1988 New York US yes
Gertrude M. Curtis 1875 Kilninver 1921 London GB yes
E. H. Stephens yes
Hannah Mayor 1871 South Yorkshire 1947 Brockham GB yes
Elsie McNaught GB yes
Muriel Fewster GB yes
Ernest Procter 1886 Tynemouth 1935 North Shields GB yes
Car Richardson 1873 Chakrāta 1959 Amersham GB yes
Francis Helps 1890 Dulwich 1972 GB yes
A. Sterndale Bennett yes
Arthur Ernest Vokes 1874 Manchester 1964 Midhurst GB yes
Jean Inglis 1884 Kensington 1959 GB yes
Dora Boughton-Leigh Brighton GB yes
J. R. Houghton yes
Alec Carruthers Gould 1870 Woodford 1948 GB yes
Sylvia E. Packard yes
Fredda MacDonald Shimla GB yes
John Beresford Bath GB yes
Rose - J. Leigh 1853 Antwerp 1920 London BE yes
Sofija Levyc'ka 1874 Vilhivtsi 1937 Paris UA yes
Robert Gwelo Goodman 1871 Taplow 1939 Cape Town ZA yes
Phyllis Mable Barron 1890 Taplow 1964 GB yes
Duncan Bluett yes
Eveleen Buckton 1872 Haslemere 1962 Hampstead GB yes
Maxwell Gordon Lightfoot 1886 Liverpool 1911 London GB yes
Gurnell Charles Jennis 1874 1943 GB yes
Henry Hope Reed 1877 1970 GB yes
Charles Henry Baskett 1872 Colchester 1953 Southampton GB yes
Dorothy Stevens 1888 Toronto 1966 Toronto CA yes
Donald Shaw MacLaughlan 1876 Charlottetown 1938 Marakesh US yes
Rudolf Ihlee 1883 Wimbledon 1968 Peterborough GB yes
Alfred Bentley 1879 London 1923 London GB yes
Mary Hogarth 1862 Barton-upon-Humber 1935 London GB yes
H. Mulready Stone 1860 GB yes
Augustus Koopman 1869 Charlotte 1914 Étaples US yes
Marie-Mela Muter 1876 Warsaw 1967 Paris FR yes
John Peter Russell 1858 Sydney 1930 Sydney GB yes
Ethel Sands 1873 Newport, Rhode Island 1962 London GB yes
Dora Watson 1855 Shirburn GB yes
Maria L. Angus GB yes
Albert Thomas De Rome 1885 Cayucos 1959 Carmel-By-The-Sea US yes
Chris Adams 1875 Reading 1971 GB yes
Mary G. O. Howey 1877 GB yes
Rosa E. Woon yes
L. Guy Hunt yes
Eleanor Harrison Profeit yes
Lilla Cabot Perry 1848 Boston 1933 Hancock US yes
Grace H. Hastie 1839 London 1926 London GB yes
Gilbert Barnard yes
John Howard Hale 1863 Farnham 1955 GB yes
Mervyn Lawrence 1868 Dublin 1961 IE yes
Joseph Dakin 1900 yes
Machkoff yes
Vereker Monteith Hamilton 1856 Argyll 1931 Kent GB yes
Hilary Clements Hassell 1871 1949 yes
Christabel M. Dennison 1884 Watford 1925 GB yes
John Blaxland Jameson yes
Walter Sydney Stacey GB yes
Frédéric Fiebig 1885 Talsi 1953 Sélestat LV yes
William Edmund Benger 1841 1915 GB yes
Harry John Pearson 1872 1933 GB yes
Emily E. Vickers yes
Andrew Young yes
Chaplin Court Treatt yes
Emilie Tinkler 1875 1937 yes
A. M. Knottesford-Fortescue 1838 Turnworth 1933 Stratford-upon-Avon GB yes
Joan Knottesford-Fortescue yes
Helena Darmesteter 1854 London 1923 FR yes
Percy Rendall 1872 1955 GB yes
Louis François Léon Gautier 1855 Aix-en-Provence 1947 Aix-en-Provence FR yes
Evelyn Woodroffe Hicks 1867 1930 GB yes
Egmont Sinclair Puckett yes
Marie Elizabeth Brockbank 1882 Settle, North Yorkshire 1949 Carnforth GB yes
John Frederick Douglas Baxter yes
C. H. E. Weston yes
Fitzmaurice Harriette yes
C. Galwey yes
William Robert Hay 1886 Glasgow 1964 GB yes
Cuthbert William Lewes Dashwood 1874 Yarmouth, Isle of Wight 1960 Isle Of Wight GB yes
J. Reginald Taylor yes
Alex. Colles 1850 Kilkenny 1945 IE yes
Alice Daintrey 1851 Petworth 1936 GB yes
James Jarvis Johnson yes
Anne Marks GB yes
Véva Randolph yes
Theodosia Mary Wells 1861 1926 GB yes
J. C. New yes
Doris Hewett yes
Newton Braby 1858 GB yes
Sybil Dowie 1928 Kensington GB yes
Annie M. Dannatt yes
Oswald Dunnett yes
Mary F. Raphae yes
Mary M. Wright yes
G. D. Davison yes
Ida Lees Isle Of Wight 1928 Kingston by Sea GB yes
William Herbert Bewers yes
Joseph Barnard Davis 1861 Bowness-on-Windermere 1943 GB yes
Nesta M. Wells yes
Constance F. D'Oyly GB yes
Harriet Halhed 1850 Tower Hill 1933 Hampstead GB yes
C. Moffat Adam yes
Winifred B. Roome GB yes
Edward Marder yes
R. Archibald Lewis yes
Henry Thomas Schaefer 1854 London 1915 GB yes
Margaret E. Wheeler 1875 Tunbridge Wells, Kent GB yes
Evelyn C. Chalmers yes
Hope Joseph 1878 Ajmer 1953 GB yes
Dora Meeson 1869 Melbourne 1955 London AU yes
Dalziel McKay 1865 Birkenhead 1947 GB yes
Caroline Oxenford yes
Elsie Marian Henderson 1880 Eastbourne 1967 Hadlow Down GB yes
Lilian Gardiner Lancaster 1887 1973 GB yes
E. M. Prout yes
Elizabeth Barnard GB yes
Charles H. Woodford yes
Violet Thorne Seckham 1865 1966 GB yes
Carline Isabel Robertine Heriot 1869 London 1962 Fincham GB yes
Edward Renard 1854 Saltaire 1915 Eastbourne GB yes
Constance Dickins yes
E. Philip Cornish yes
Margaretta Hicks yes
Ethel M. Turner yes
Agnes Guttmann yes
Fred Chambers yes
Charles J. Stockoe yes
William Gladwell Griffith yes
Alfred John Billinghurst 1880 Blackheath 1963 GB yes
Ethel Wright 1866 London 1939 GB yes
A. T. Purcell yes
Annie South yes
W. Mouat Loudan 1868 London 1925 London GB yes
Renée Finch 1876 1954 GB yes
Walter Roche 1847 Versailles 1921 GB yes
Cecily Bridget Martin yes
Andrée Karpeles 1885 Paris 1956 Grasse FR yes
Lily Defries London Orpington GB yes
Mary Esther Helsby yes
Edith Richardson yes
Thomas Gray yes
J. D. S. Aldworth IE yes
Maude Harris yes
H. Regina Middleton yes
Florence Veric Hardy Small 1860 Nottingham 1933 London GB yes
Genevieve de Braux yes
Julia G. Channing yes
Edith M. Daniels yes
Jessy C. Hebbert yes
Mary Helen Shaw 1866 1911 GB yes
Hans Walter Schwaben 1858 Gelsenkirchen 1914 GB yes
Frederika Henriëtte Broeksmit Aug 14, 1875 Rotterdam Jan 25, 1945 Bussum NL yes
Caroline Armstrong GB yes
Robert Schiff 1869 Vienna 1935 Vienna AT yes
G. D. Rosen yes
Evelyn Lamaison yes
Constance Prescott Westcar yes
Etheline Eva Dell 1855 GB yes
Dering Curtois yes
Ida M. Buchanan yes
Charles Ezekiel Polowetski 1884 Russia 1955 San Francisco yes
Ethel Agar yes
William James Corah yes
Horace C. Taylor 1881 London 1934 Hampstead GB yes
Joseph Wilson Forster 1861 1938 GB yes
Ernest Christie 1863 Redhill 1937 Ockley GB yes
Lucy F. Hayward yes
Charles Montague Parrott 1875 GB yes
O'Shena O'Gawa Tanosuke yes
William E. Gladstone Solomon 1880 Cape Town 1965 Cape Town GB yes
Edith D. Hayes yes
Christopher Thomas Stevens yes
Arnold Mason 1885 Birkenhead 1963 London GB yes
Hazlewood Hartley GB yes
Marguerite G. Lawrance yes
Henry E. Bridge yes
John Copley 1875 Manchester 1950 London GB yes
Anthony de Brie 1854 1921 NL yes
Henriette Morel 1884 Villeurbanne 1956 Villeurbanne FR yes
E. B. Chichester yes
Arthur Barrett yes
Ernest H. R. Collings 1882 1932 GB yes
Alice I. Padday yes
Rose B. Bridgman yes
F. W. S. Lemaistre 1859 Saint Brélade 1940 yes
Mabel Beatrice Messer 1874 1950 GB yes
Ada M. Ihler yes
May Gross yes
Annie L. Simpson 1864 1943 GB yes
Herbert Henry Stansfield Sheffield GB yes
Algernon Rowe GB yes
Edward Louis Lawrenson 1868 Dublin 1940 Brighton GB yes
Jean Marion yes
Laura Brumm GB yes
E. Griffin yes
Peter Paul Hubner 1870 Liberec 1928 Benfleet DE yes
Sophia J. Ogilvie yes
William Lawson yes
James Filby GB yes
Mabel Hastings yes
John S. Aumonier yes
John Percy Cooke 1870 GB yes
Robert Walters yes
Edward Frederick Ertz 1862 Illinois 1954 Pulborough US yes
Caroline St. Clair Graham yes
Frank Moore yes
Jane Inglis 1859 1916 GB yes
Irma de Kusel yes
C. Starr Johns yes
David Sassoon 1888 Walton-on-Thames 1978 GB yes
Alice Sladen yes
Grace L. M. Elliott yes
Henry Heneage Finch yes
William Balfour Ker 1877 Dunville 1918 New York CA yes
Théodore Roussel 1847 Lorient 1926 Hastings GB yes
Maud Constance Mallett 1875 1960 GB yes
Mary H. B. Chambers 1875 Lambeth GB yes
Kate E. Westrup 1885 Hornsey 1928 GB yes
Betia Schebsman yes
Lilian E. A. Harris GB yes
Alfred Charles Bailey 1883 Brighton GB yes
Cyril Chitty 1888 Dover 1964 GB yes
Mary Bredall 1884 Camberwell 1967 GB yes
Margaret Helen Knapping 1849 Shoeburyness 1935 GB yes
George Edmund Butler 1872 Southampton 1936 Twickenham GB yes
Frederick James Porter 1883 Auckland 1944 Great Canfield NZ yes
Lucy Hargreaves yes
Edith Garlant yes
F. E. Haig yes
Eric Forbes-Robertson 1865 Dumfries 1935 GB yes
Sam Garratt 1864 Barwell 1946 GB yes
Janina Forbes-Robertson 1922 PL yes
Florence S. Pemberton yes
Robert Fellowes Chisholm 1840 London 1915 Southsea GB yes
Clarence Arthur Bird GB yes
Alan Beeton 1880 London 1942 Reading GB yes
George Hugh Tabor 1857 1920 GB yes
Jean Douglas McIntyre 1889 1967 GB yes
Catherine Maud Nichols 1847 Norwich 1923 Norwich GB yes
Frank Morris yes
James Swan 1864 Hawick 1940 GB yes
Antoinette Van der Pant yes
William George Wilson 1849 Brisbane 1924 Richmond, Surrey AU yes
Beatrice Ley yes
Rosa Howlett 1863 Norwich 1961 GB yes
Millicent Lisle Woodforde 1880 1923 GB yes
Rodolfo Franco 1889 Buenos Aires 1954 Buenos Aires AR yes
André Chapuy 1879 Paris 1941 Paris FR yes
Samuel John Peploe 1871 Edinburgh 1935 Edinburgh GB yes
John Keble Claughton Chesshire yes
John Duncan Fergusson 1874 Leith 1961 Glasgow GB yes
E. A. Stevenson yes
Elizabeth Frances Boyd 1867 Skelmorlie 1946 GB yes
Frederick Heaviside yes
Kathleen Arthur Behenna 1860 Helensburgh 1924 GB yes
Isabella Cay 1811 1852 GB yes
Jessey Rosetta Mitchell yes
Wilfrid J. Lineham 1858 Leeds 1919 Brighton GB yes
Alice M. Willway yes
Thorowgood Enid 1886 Madras 1973 GB yes
Mima Nixon 1861 1939 Rathdrum IE yes
Gertrude Julia Sorsbie 1873 Folkestone 1942 Wynnum GB yes
Dora Thomas 1859 1952 yes
Mary Cecilia Jones yes
S. W. Wheaton yes
William Broady-Watson yes
Rachel Wheatcroft yes
James Towers 1853 Liverpool GB yes
Ethel M. Child yes
E. Catherine Cornish yes
Edouard van Goethem 1857 Brussels 1924 Parkstone BE yes
Agnes Pringle 1853 1934 GB yes
Jessie Ogston Douglas 1856 GB yes
Gertrude Caroline Kirkby yes
Max L. Smyth yes
T. A. D. Wills yes
James H. Butt GB yes
Jessie MacDougall yes
Edith Amy Hope 1870 Sydney 1942 England AU yes
Charles-Louis Geoffroy-Dechaume 1877 Paris 1966 Valmondois FR yes
Claude Tryon GB yes
Mary E. Braithwaite yes
Heriot M. P. Ronaldson yes
Elsie Thomas yes
Katherine Percy Blakelock 1862 1939 GB yes
Edgar Thomas Wood 1860 Middleton 1935 Imperia GB yes
Tom Simpson 1846 London 1926 Bordighera GB yes
Annie L. Pressland 1862 1933 GB yes
Maud D. Hurst GB yes
Samuel Horatio Moreton 1843 1921 Christchurch NZ yes
Lilian Bellingham Swan 1885 London 1951 GB yes
Florence Payne Etheridge 1857 Oxford 1935 GB yes
E. Duncan yes
Lucy E. Pierce yes
G. Lady Watson yes
Randall H. Pye yes
A. B. Cull yes
Miriam Deane 1855 Liverpool GB yes
Luke B. Chester 1865 GB yes
Lena Jameson yes
Madeline Know yes
Emily M. Peyton yes
B. De Vere Welchman yes
Arthur White 1865 Sheffield 1953 GB yes
May H. Barker yes
C. Maynard M. Hog yes
Charles Topham Davidson 1848 Redhill GB yes
Henry Boddington yes
Dora Martyn yes
Thomas Henry Stephenson yes
F. Page Bristow yes
Agatha Walker 1888 Little Walsingham 1980 GB yes
Edith Barrow 1865 1930 GB yes
Alice M. Cockerill yes
John Douglas 1830 Sandiway 1911 GB yes
James Fraser Paton 1865 1910 yes
Helen M. Bulkley GB yes
Newton Benett 1854 London 1914 Dorchester GB yes
Gilbert W. Thomas