The London Salon of Allied Artists' Association: 3rd Year

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Jul‒Aug 6, 1910
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Organizing Committee
"Hanging Committee: F. Cayley-Robinson (Chairman); V.C. Bonani; Alfred Cadman; F. M. Canning; Cecilia Carpmael; E. C. Chalmers; Fred. Chambers; Ed. Chappel; Robert F. Chisholm; Gerard Chowne; R. Champion de Cespigny; Dering Curtois; Leon Dabo; Nelson Dawson; Ha. A. Dahl; Frank Daniell; Helena Darmesteter; Christabel Dennison; E. A. Dick; C. F. D' Oyly; Amy J. Drucker; F. Harrison Dutton; Musgrave Dyne; David Edström; Jacob Epstein; Edward Ertz; E. F. Everett; A. Fearon; Fred F. Foottet; Sam. Garratt; A.M. Gayton; Harold Gilman; Chas. Ginner; Spencer F. Gore
Committee of Mangement: W. E. H. Humphrys (Chairman); E. C Gray; J. De Holewinski; Frank Rutter (Secretary)
Exhibition Secretaries: Walter Riddall; Albert Campbell"
The London Salon of the Allied Artists' Association, Ltd.1910. Third Year. London. Royal Albert Hall. 1910.
Holding Institution: online: archive.org
The Allied Artists' Association was formed in early 1908 to enable artists to submit their work freely to the judgement of the public without the intervention of any middleman, be he dealer or artist also. As opposed to all other existing art societies in this country, the Association ist based on co-operation instead of competition, and exactly the same treatment is accorded to all members irrespective of their position or reputation. No artist who has made his application to exhibit before the specified date has been refused. Each subscriber has the right to show three works without submitting them to any Selecting Jury, and to obviate any possible chance of favouritism or the reverse, lots are drawn for the order in which the works shall be hung or placed. Further, at the first Annual General Meeting it was decided by an overwhelming majority that all members of the Association should be invited in turn to serve on the Hanging Committee, the invitations being issued in alphabetical order, to commence in 1910 and future years where they left off the previous year.

On the recommendation of the 1909 Hanging Committee, the rules governing the exhibition for this year have been slightly modified and amended with a view to facilitate the delivery, cataloguing, and arrangement of exhibits; but the main principles of the Association are necessarily unalterable, and it is difficult to conceive a fairer or more democratic constitution than that existing. The keynote of this constitution is inclusion, not exclusion and its aim is to preserve the liberty of the artist, to give him full freedom of speech in assemblies and to maintain the principle of non-intervention as between one artist and another.

Owing to the National Mourning and the consequent cancelling of anticipated fixtures, it has been found impossible this year to have the use of the big floor as had been hoped, or to arrange a proposed Polish art exhibition as a special feature of the third London Salon. It is hoped that both these arrangements are only postponed till 1911."
Catalogue Structure
"Ground Floor Plan", p. vi
"Plan of Picture Gallery", p. vii
"Hanging Committee&Committee of Management", p. viii
"Contents", p. 3
"Foreword", p. 5 - 6
"Notice to Exhibitors", p. 6
"Rules relating to the Sale of Work", p. 7
"Catalogue", p. 9 - 87
"Index to Exhibitors, 1910", p. 89 - 98
"Appenda to Catalogue", n.p. indicated, PDF: 109-110
"Index to Exhibitors, 1910" (continuation), p. 99 - 107

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