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New Hope, Pennsylvania

Exhibitions: 0
Venues: 0
Artists: 6, 0 born, 4 died, 2 active, 0 exhibited
Nationalities: 2
Gender: 17 % female, 83 % male
Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Date of Death Place of Death Nationality Exhibited in City
Henry Bayley Snell 1858 Richmond upon Thames 1943 New Hope, Pennsylvania US no
William Langson Lathrop 1859 Warren 1938 Montauk, New York US no
Charles Rosen 1878 Westmoreland 1950 Kingston US no
Rae Sloan Bredin 1881 Pennsylvania 1933 New Hope, Pennsylvania US no
Robert Spencer 1879 Harvard 1931 New Hope, Pennsylvania US no
Florence Francis Snell 1850 London 1946 New Hope, Pennsylvania GB no

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