Works by David Bomberg

ID: 701, Status: proof read
Exhibition period:
Jul 1914
Organizing Bodies:
Chenil Gallery
s (Great Britain Pound (in Shilling))
Catalogue Entries: 55
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 11, unknown: 44
Artists: 1
Gender: female: 0, male: 1
Nationalities: 1
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Works by David Bomberg. 1914.
Nr. of pages: [PDF page number: 8].
Holding Institution: Tate Library
David Bomberg: Foreword, 1 p.

I APPEAL to a Sense of Form. In some of the work I show in the first room, I completely abandon Naturalism and Tradition. I am searching for an Intenser expression. In other work in this room, where I use Naturalistic Form, I have stripped it of all irrelevant matter.
I look upon Nature, while I live in a steel city. Where decoration happens, it is accidental. My object is the construction of Pure Form. I reject everything in painting that is not Pure Form. I hate the colours of the East, the Modern Mediaevalist, and the Fat Man of the Renaissance.
– Entered from a typescript copy of the original.
– "Exhibiton Held July 1914 (written on catalogue in ink)", cover page
– "NOTE. No. 1 - This painting, "The Mud Bath," has been hung outside the Gallery premises that it may have every advantage of lighting and space.", n.p.

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death Nationality # of Cat. Entries
David Bomberg 1890 1957 GB 55
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