Exhibition of Pictures & Sketches by Robert Brough A.R.S.A.

ID: 1464, Status: completed
Exhibition period:
Organizing Bodies:
Burlington Fine Arts Club
Catalogue Entries: 89
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 87, other medium: 1, unknown: 1
Artists: 1
Gender: female: 0, male: 1
Nationalities: 1
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Date Title City Venue Type
Organizing Committee
Exhibition Committee:
R. H. Benson, Esq.; Sir Charles Holroyd; John S. Sargent, Esq., R.A.
Exhibition of Pictures & Sketches by Robert Brough A.R.S.A. 1907.
Nr. of pages: 38 [PDF page number: 42].
Holding Institution: online: archive.org
Catalogue Structure
"Exhibition Committee", p. 3
"List of Contributors", p. 5
Note, p. 7
"Catalogue", cat. no. 1-88, p. 9-28
"List of Works by Robert Brough, A.R.S.A.", p. 29-38
Additional Information
Catalogue Structure altered
Other Mediums listed
- "Juvenem ad summa Artis culmina audacissime enisum secreta cum laetitia suae peritiae haud inconscium sed famae heu! praereptum nos veteres veterum artium amantes hoc munere prosequimur.

Born at Invergordon, Ross-shire, 20TH March, 1872
Killed in the Railway Accident near Sheffield 2ist January, 1905

But him, on whom, in the prime
Of life, with vigour undimm'd,
With unspent mind, and a soul
Unworn, undebased, undecay'd,
Mournfully grating, the gates
Of the City of Death have for ever closed—
'' Him, '' I count '' him '', well starr'd.
Matthew Arnold.", p. 7

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death Nationality # of Cat. Entries
Robert Brough 1872 1905 GB 88
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