Exhibition of Pictures, &c. by Well-Known Austrian Artists

ID: 1020, Status: completed
Exhibition period:
s (Great Britain Pound (in Shilling))
Catalogue Entries: 78
Types of Work: other medium: 33, unknown: 45
Artists: 30
Gender: female: 0, male: 28
Nationalities: 5
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Date Title City Venue Type
Organizing Committee
"The Exhibition has been organized by Mr. Bertram S. Puckl, Director of the Newman Art Gallery.", n.p. (after title page)
Exhibition of Pictures, &c. by Well-Known Austrian Artists. 1907.
Nr. of pages: [PDF page number: 7].
Holding Institution: Künstlerhaus Archiv
[no author]: [no title], 1 p. (after title page)

"An exhibition of pictures and specimens of craftsmanship by well known Austrian artists has been undertaken by Mr. Wilhelm Höfler, by arrangement with the Genossenschaft der bildenden Künstler Wiens (the leading Art Society of Vienna).

Mr. Höfler's position as one of the most earnest workers for Austrian interests in this country enable him to induce his Government to subsidize the Austrian Exhibition, at Earl's Court, 1906, originated by him, and it is his endeavour to continue the work of popularizing Austria, her arts and industries, in this country. It is hoped that this further opportunity of seeing what is being done by Austrian Artists and Craftsmen will be generally appreciated."

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