Egbert van, the elder Heemskerck

Dutch painter, born 1634 or 1635, died 1704, also active in England

Name Variants (ULAN):
Heemskerck, Egbert van, I; Heemskerck, Egbert Jaspersz. van, I; Heemskerck, Egbert; Heemskirk, Egbert van, the elder; Hemskerck, Egbert van, the elder; Hemskirk, Egbert van, the elder; Humskirk, Egbert van, the elder; Heemskerck, Egbert I van; Heemskerk, Egbert van, the elder; Heemskerk, Egbert I van; Heemskirk, Egbert; Heemskerk, Egbert van; Hemnskirk, Egbert van, the elder; Hemokerk, Egbert van, the elder; Hemskercke, Egbert van, the elder; Hemskirk, Egbert; Hemskerck, Egbert; Hemskerk, Egbert van, the elder; Hemskerke, Egbert van, the elder; Hemskirck, Egbert van, the elder; Hemskirke, Egbert van, the elder; Hermskerck, Egbert; Hiemskirk, Egbert van, the elder; Kemskerck, Egbert van, the elder; Old Hemskerck; Old Hemskirk; Egb. Hemskirk; Egb. Hemskerck; A. Heemskirk; Heemskerck, Egbert I Van; Heemskerk, Egbert I Van; Heemskerck, Egbert van, I.; Egbert Van Heemskerck; de Oude Heemkerks; de oude Heemskerk; d'Hemkerck; Egbert Haemskerck; Egbert Heemskerk; egbert heemskerk d. altere; Egbert Hemskerk; Egbert Hemskirke; Egbert van Heemskerck; egbert van heemskerk der aeltere; Egbert van Heemskerk d. Jüngere; Egbert van Heemskerk I; Egbert van Heemskerk II; egbert v. heemskerk; egbert v. heemskerk d. aelt.; Egbert von Heemskerk; Egb, Hemskerck; Egb. Hemskerk; Egb. Hemskrck; egb. van heemskerk; egb. v. heemskerk; eg. v. heemskerk; E. Heemskerck; E. Heemskerk; E. Heemskirk; E. Heimskirck; E. Hemskerck; E. Hemskerk; E. Hemskerken; E. Hemskirk; E. Humskirk; Eimskerck; Emshkerek; Emskerck; Emskerk; E. van Heemskerck; E. van Heemskerk; e. v. heemskerk; G. Hemskirk; Haemeskerk; Haemskiak; Haemskirk; Heemskerck; Heemskerck d'oude; Heemskerk; heemskerk d. j. egbert van; Heemskerk, Egbert; Heemskerk, Egbert d. Ä.; Heemskerk, Egbert van D. A.; Heemskerk, Egbert van d.Ä.; Heemskerk, Egbert van d. J.; Heemskerke, le vieux; Heemskirck; Heemskirk; Heimskirck; Heimskirk; Heinskerk; Hemnskirk; Hemokerk; Hemsk.; Hemskeirck; Hemskerch; Hemskerck; Hemskercke; Hemskerck, le pere; Hemskerck le vieux; Hemskerk; Hemskerke; hemskerk, egbert van; Hemskerken; Hemskerk le vieux; Hemskerq; Hemskirck; Hemskirk; Hemskirke; Hemskrek; Henskirk; Hermskerck; Hermskirk; Hiemskirk; Homskirk; Kemskerck; Mr. Heemskirck; Mr. Hemskirk; O Hemskirk; old Haem.; old Haems; old Haemskerk; Old Haemskik; Old Haemskirk; old Haemskirk, of Amsterdam; Old Heemskirck; Old Heemskirk; old Hemsk; Old Hemskir; Old Hemskirke; Old Hermskirk; The elder Egbert Hemskirck; van Heemskerk, Egbert, Der Jüngere; Van Hemskerc; Young Haemskirk; Young Hemskirks
Exhibitions: 1
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Catalogue Entries: 1
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 1
Date Title City Venue # of Cat. Entries Type of Org. Body
Feb 22‒25, 1910 Collection Jean Dolent. Tableaux Modernes & Anciens Paris Hôtel Drouot 1 auction houses
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