[Sommerausstellung. Moderne Wiener Künstler]

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Exhibition period:
Jun 23, 1905
Organizing Bodies:
Galerie Miethke
Catalogue Entries: 0
Artists: 0
Gender: female: 0, male: 0
Nationalities: 0
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No Catalogue available
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Date information and list of some participating artists taken from: Kunst und Kunsthandwerk, Jg. 1905, Heft 8, p. 429. http://hauspublikationen.mak.at/viewer/image/1354259722390_0001/63/#topDocAnchor

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Recommended Citation: "[Sommerausstellung. Moderne Wiener Künstler]." In Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Nov 29, 2020. https://exhibitions.univie.ac.at/exhibition/1105