Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Max Weber

ID: 222, Status: completed
Exhibition period:
Apr 22‒May 8, 1909
Organizing Bodies:
Haas Gallery
Catalogue Entries: 47
Artists: 1
Gender: female: 0, male: 1
Nationalities: 1
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Exhibition of Paintings and Drawings by Max Weber. 1909.
Nr. of pages: [PDF page number: 4].
Holding Institution: Archives of University of Pittsburgh
Paul Cézanne, [no title], 1p

" 'If the official salons remain so inferior, it is because they embody in their work nothing but mannerisms more or less commonplace.
It were better to bring out more personal emotion, observation and character.
The Louvre is the book where we learn to read. We must not, however, be content with only holding the formulas of our illustrious predecessors. We must go out to study beautiful nature, endeavor to extricate the mind, l'esprit, search to explain by following our own temperament.
One is neither to scrupulous, nor to sincere, nor too obedient to nature; but one is more or less master of his model, and above all of his means of expression.
Time and reflection modify little by little the vision, and finally we are led to greater comprehension'

Paul Cézanne"
Catalogue Structure
"Paintings", cat. no. 1-36, 2p.
"Drawings", cat. no. 1-10, 1p.
"Additional drawings are in portfolios", no cat. no, 1p.

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death Nationality # of Cat. Entries
Max Weber 1881 1961 US 47
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