Richard Parkes Bonington

English painter, 1802-1828

Name Variants (ULAN):
Bonnington, Richard Parkes; Bonnington; Bonnington, R. P.; Bonington, R. P.; Bonington, Richard; Bonington, Richard P.; Bonington; bonington, richard parker; bonington, richard, parkes; bonington richard parkes; bonington, r. p.; bonington, r.p.; bonington, r. ph.; james bonington; parkes richard bonington; r. bonnington; richard bonington; richard parkes-bonington; richard p. bonington; Rich. parker bonington; R.P. Bonington; r. p. bonnington
United Kingdom
Exhibitions: 2
Exhibiting Countries: 2
Exhibiting Cities: 2
Catalogue Entries: 2
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 2
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Name Nationality Date of Birth Date of Death # of Co-Appearances
Charles François Daubigny FR 1817 1878 2 exhibitions
Max Liebermann DE 1847 1935 2 exhibitions

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