David, II Teniers

Flemish painter, 1610-1690

Name Variants (ULAN):
David Teniers; David Teniers the Elder; David Teniers the Old; David Teniers the Young; David Teniers the Younger; Teniers, David, the younger; Teniers, David II; David Teneris; David Teneriens; David Tenier; David Tenieres; David Téniers; David Tenniers; David Thenier; Tenierz, David; Teneirs, David; Teners, David; Terniers, David; Tesniere, David; Teuiers, David; Tiniers, David; Toniers, David; Tuniers, David; David Teniers, Senior; David Teniers, Jun.; David Teniers, Junior; Vecchio Teniers; Teniers, David, the Younger; Tenirs, David; Teniers, David (The Younger); Teniers, David (the Younger)
Exhibitions: 3
Exhibiting Countries: 1
Exhibiting Cities: 1
Catalogue Entries: 4
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 4
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Name Nationality Date of Birth Date of Death # of Co-Appearances
Willem Kalf NL 1619 1693 3 exhibitions
Jan van Goyen NL 1596 1656 2 exhibitions
Peter Paul Rubens BE 1577 1640 2 exhibitions
Francisco de Goya ES 1746 1828 2 exhibitions

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