Jacob van Ruisdael

Dutch painter and draftsman, born 1628 or 1629, died 1682

Name Variants (ULAN):
J. Ruysdaal; J. Ruysdae; J. Ruysdael; J. Ruysdale; Jac. Ruijsdael; Jac. Ruysdael; Jacob Ruijschdael; Jacob Ruijsdaal; Jacob Ruisdael; Jacob Ruysdaal; Jacob Ruysdael; Jacob Ruysdal; Jacob Ruysdale; Jacob Ruysdall; Jacques Ruysdael; Ruisdael, Jacob; Ruisdael, Jacob Isaacksz. van; Ruisdael, Jacob Isaakszoon; Ruisdael, Jakob van; Ruijsdael, Jacob Isaacksz. van; Ruisdael, van; Ruysdaal Jacob; T. Ruysdael; Ruysdael, Jacob Isaacksz.; Ruisdael, Jacob Isaacksz. Van; Ruijsdael, Jacob Isaacksz. Van; Ruysdael, Jacob Isaacksz. Van; Ruisdael, jacob van; Ruisdaal, Jacob van; Van Ruisdael, Jacob; Ruysdael, Jacob van; Ruysdaal, Jacob van; Ruidael, Jacob van; Reǐsdalʹ, I︠A︡kob van; Ruijsdael, Jacob van; Ruisdail, Jacob van; Rusdael, Jacob van; Ruysdahl, Jacob van; Ruysdall, Jacob van; Rysdal, Jacob van; Ruysdaal, Giacobbe van; Ruisdael, Jacob Van
Exhibitions: 1
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Types of Work: painting and drawing: 1
Date Title City Venue # of Cat. Entries Type of Org. Body
Nov 1‒Dec 2, 1906 [IX. Jahrgang. II. Ausstellung. Kollektionen Max Liebermann und Walter Leistikow] Berlin Paul Cassirer 1 art galleries
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