Der Blaue Reiter. Die Erste Ausstellung der Redaktion

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Apr 1912
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Additional Information
Traveling Exhibition
Date uncertain, as exhibition seems to take place in Berlin at Der Sturm from 12th March to 10th May 1912 (source: cat. rais. Kandinsky, Aquarelle, 1992, vol. I, p. 501). For cat. rais. # 373 ("Impression II (Moskau)"), the exhibition is listed as "Bremen, April 1912" (source: cat. rais. Kandinsky, Ölgemälde, 1984, vol. I, p. 352)

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Recommended Citation: "Der Blaue Reiter. Die Erste Ausstellung der Redaktion." In Database of Modern Exhibitions (DoME). European Paintings and Drawings 1905-1915. Last modified Dec 9, 2023. https://exhibitions.univie.ac.at/exhibition/762