Robert Hatton Monks

American painter, 1856-1923

Name Variants:
Robert-H., Monks
United States
Places of Activity:
Exhibitions: 2
Exhibiting Countries: 1
Exhibiting Cities: 1
Catalogue Entries: 14
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 14
Date Title City Venue # of Cat. Entries Type of Org. Body
Mar 3‒Apr 3, 1907 La Libre Esthétique. Quatorzième Exposition Brussels Brussels (exact location unknown) 11 artist associations
Oct 4‒27, 1913 Les Indépendants Cercle d'Art Xme Salon Annuel Brussels Hedendaagsche Museum - Musée Moderne 3 artist associations
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Name Nationality Date of Birth Date of Death # of Co-Appearances
Paule Deman BE 1886 1966 2 exhibitions
Rodolphe de Saegher BE 1871 1941 2 exhibitions
Anna De Weert BE 1867 1950 2 exhibitions
Alfred Hazledine BE 1876 1957 2 exhibitions
Jenny Montigny BE 1875 1937 2 exhibitions
Georges Leon Ernest Buysse BE 1864 1916 2 exhibitions

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