Mariya Bashkirtseva

Ukrainian painter and sculptor, 1858-1884, active in France

Name Variants:
Bashkirtseff, Maria
Name Variants (ULAN):
Bashkirtseff, Mariya; Bashkirtseff, Marie Konstantinowna; Bashkirtseff, Maria Konstantinowna; Bashkirtseva, Mariya Konstaninovna; Bashkirtseff, Marie; Bashkirtzev, Maria; Bashkirt︠s︡eva, Marii︠a︡ Konstantinovna; Bashkirsteff, Maria-Konstantinova; Bachkirtsev, Marie; Başkirçef, Mari; Bashkirtseva, Marie; Bashkirt︠s︡eva, Marii︠a︡; Bashkyrt︠s︡eva, Marii︠a︡ Kosti︠a︡ntynivna; Baškirceva, Marija; Bashkirtseva, Marya Konstantinovna
1884, Paris
Exhibitions: 2
Exhibiting Countries: 2
Exhibiting Cities: 2
Catalogue Entries: 3
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 3
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Name Nationality Date of Birth Date of Death # of Co-Appearances
Madeleine Terouanne 2 exhibitions
Rosa Bonheur FR 1822 1899 2 exhibitions
Elizabeth Nourse US 1859 1938 2 exhibitions
Clémentine Hélène Dufau FR 1869 1937 2 exhibitions
Emma Ciardi IT 1879 1933 2 exhibitions
Berthe Morisot FR 1841 1895 2 exhibitions
Olga Boznańska PL 1865 1940 2 exhibitions

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