Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich

German painter and printmaker, 1712-1774

Name Variants (ULAN):
Christian Dietrich; Dietriche, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dieterich, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietricht, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietrechy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detriche, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; De Triece, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; De Trieci, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Deitricy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detreachey, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detreche, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detrechi, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detreichi, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detrichi, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detrichichi, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detrick, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Detriece, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietaicy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietrechi, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietrecy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietreicy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietricci, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietriccy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietricey, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietrich, Christian Wilhelm; Dietrichey, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietrichy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietrici, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietricij, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietricy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietriech, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietriechi, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietriecy, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Dietrieg, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; Ditrici, Christian Wilhelm Ernst; W. Dieterich; Old Dietrich; C. Dieterich; C. Dietrich; c. dietrici; C. Dietricy; C.-E. Dietrich; C.E. Dietricy; C. Ernest Dietricy; c. e. w. dietrich; C.E.W. Dietrich; C. G. E. Dieterich; C. G. E. Dietricci, ou Dietrich; C. G. E. Dietrici; C.G.E. Dietrici; C.G.E. Diétrici; C.G.E. Ditrici; C. G. Ernest Dietrich; Chétien Guillaume Ernest Diétricy; Chr. Dietrich gen. Dietrici; chr. dietricy; Chr. Ernst Wilhelm Dietricy; Chrétien Guillaume Ernest Diétrich; Chrétien-Guillaume Ernest Dietricy; Chrétien Guill. Ernest Dietrict; Chretien Guill Ernest Dietricy; chr. e. w. dietrich; Chr. Guil. Ern. Dietrich; Chrïetien Guillaume Ernest Dietrich dit Dietricy; Christ. Dietericy; christ. e. w. dietrich; christian dietrich gen. dietricy; christian dietricy; Christian-Ernest Dietrich; Christian Guillaume Ernest Dietrich; Christian-Guillaume Ernest Dietrici; Christianus Dietrich; Christian W. Dietrich; Christian W. E. Dietericy; Christian W. E. Dietrich; Christian W. E. Dietricy; Christian W. Ernst Dietericy; Christian Wilh. Dietericy; Christian Wilh. E. Dietrich; Christian Wilhelm Dieterich; Christian Wilhelm Dietrich, Genannt Dietricy; Christian Wilhelm Dietricy; Christian Wilhelm Ernest Dietrich; Christian Wilhelm Ernst Diderch; Christian Wilhelm Ernst Diederichs; Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietericy; Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich genannt Dietricy; christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich Genant Dietricy; Christian Wilh. Ernst Dieterich; christian wilh. ernst dietrich; Christian Wilh. Ernst Dietrich gen. Dietricy; Christian Willhelm Ernst Dieterich; Christ. W. E. Dietericy; Christ. W. E. Dietrich; Christ. W. E. Dietricy; Christ. Wilh. E. Dietrich; Christ. Wilh. E. Dietricy; Christ. Wilhelm Ernst Dietricy; Christ. Wilh. Ernst Dietrich; Christ. Wilh. Ernst Dietricy; Chr. W. Dietricy; Chr. W. E. Dietericy; chr. w. e. dietrich; Chr. W. E. Dietrich gen Dietricy; chr. w. e. dietrici; Chr. W. E. Dietricy; Chr. W. Ernst Dietrich, gen. Dietricy; Chr. W. Ernst Dietrich gen Dietricy; Chr. W. Ernst Dietricy; chr. wilhelm ernst dietrich; Chr. Wilh. Ernst Diderichs; chr. wilh. ernst dietrich; Chr. Wilh. Ernst Dietrich, Genannt Dietricy; Chr. Wilh. Ernst Dietricy; Ch. W. E. Dieterich; Ch. W. E. Dietericy; ch. w. e. dietrich; Ch. W. E. Dietricy; Ch. W. Ernst Diedrichs; Ch. Wilh. Dietricy; Ch. Wilhelm Ernst Dietricy; C.M.E. Dietrich; Cristiano Gustavo Ernest Dietrik; Cristiano Gustavo Ernesto Dietrick; C. V. Dietrick; C. W. Dietericy; C. W. Dietrich gen. Dietrici; C.W. Dietrick; C. W. Dietricy; C. W. E. Diderich; C. W. E. Diederich; C.W.E. Diederichs; C.W.E. Diedrich; C. W. E. Dieterich; C. W. E. Dieterici; C. W. E. Dietericy; C.W.E. Dietericy; C.W.E. Dietrich; C. W. E. Dietrich; C. W: E. Dietrich; C. W. E: Dietrich; CWE Dietrich; C. W. E. Dietrich genannt Dietricy; C. W. E. Dietrich. Gen. Dietrici; C. W. E. Dietrich, gen. Dietricy; C. W. E. Dietrich gen. Dietricy; C. W. E. Dietrich gen. Ditricy; C.W.E. Dietrich, jun.; C. W. E. Dietrici; C.W.E. Dietricij; C. W. E. Dietricy; C. W. E. Ditrich; C. W. Ernst Dieterich; Dectrich dit Le Dectrici; Deictich; Deitrich; Deitriche; Deitricht; Deitrichy; Deitricy; Detreachey; Detreche; Detrechi; Detreichi; De Tretchey; Detric; Detricci; Detricey; Detrich; Detriche; Detrichi; De Trichi; Detrichichi; Detricie; Detrick; De Tricy; Detricy; Detriece; De Triece; Detriech; De Triechi; De Trieci; Detriecy; Detritchy; De Trychy; Detureichy; Dictrici; Dictricy; Dictrik; Diderichs; Didrichs; Diederich; Diederichs; Diederici; Diederick; Diedrich; Diedrichs; Diedrick; Dietaicy; Dieterich; Dieterichs; Dieterici; Dietericj; Dietericy; Dietericy, Chr.; Dietericy Christ.; Dietericy, Ch. W. E.; Diethrichs; Dietrech; Dietrechi; Dietrechy; Dietrecy; Dietreicy; Dietric; Dietricci; Dietriccy; Dietricey; Dietrich; Diétrich; Dietrich Christian, Genannt Dietrici; Dietrich, Christian W. E.; Dietrich, Christian Wilh.; dietrich christian wilhelm; Dietrich, Christian Wilhelm Ernst, gen. Dietricy; Dietrich, Christian Wilh. Ernst; dietrich christ. wilh. ernst; Dietrich, Christ. Wilh. Ernst; dietrich, chr. w. a.; Dietrich, Chr. W. E.; Dietrich, Chr Wilh Ernst; Dietrich, Ch. W. E.; Dietrich, C. W.; Dietrich, C. W. E.; Dietrich, C. W. E. genannt Dietricy; Dietrich d.j.; Dietriche; Dietrichey; Dietrichi; Dietrichie; Dietrichs; Dietricht; Dietrichy; Dietrici; Diétrici; dietrici christian wilhelm ernst; Dietrici, Christ. Wilh. Ernst; Dietricie; Dietrici, Ernest; Dietrici Ernest; Dietricij; Dietrick; Diétrick; Dietrictchy; Dietricy; dietricy, c. w. e.; Dietriech; dietriech christian wilhelm; Dietriechi; Dietriechy; Dietriecy; Dietrieg; Dietrietch; Dietrik; Dietriks; Dietrishy; Dietritchy; Dietriy; Dietrtch; Dietry; Dietrycy; Diettricci; Diterich; Diterichs; Diterici; Ditrich; Ditrichs; Ditrici; Ditricie; Ditricy; Ditriesie; Dutrich; E. Dietricci; E. Dietriccy; E. Dietrichi; E. Dietrici; E. Dietrick; E. Dietricq; e. dietricquglielmo Ernesto Dietrich; E. Dietricy; E. Ditrici; E.G. Dietrick; Ernest d'Etricy; Ernest Diétricci; Ernest Dietriccy; Ernest Diétrich; Ernest Dietrichy; Ernest Dietrick; Ernest Dietricy; Ernest Diétricy; Ernest Dietriech; Erneste Dietricy; Ernestre Dietricy; Ernetz Dietricci; E.W.E. Dietrich; G.E. Dietrici; G.E. Dietrick; G.E. Diétrick; G. Ernest Dietriccy; G. Ernet Dietricy; Guilh. Diedrich; Hern Dictricci; Hernetz Dietricci; In Dietricis Manier; Par Dietrich dit Dietrici; w. dietricy; W.E. Dieterici; W. E. Dietrich gen. Diterici; Wilhelm Dietricy; Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich, genannt Dietricy
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Feb 22‒25, 1910 Collection Jean Dolent. Tableaux Modernes & Anciens Paris Hôtel Drouot 1 auction houses
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