Salon des Peintres Divisionnistes Italiens organisé par la Galerie d'Art A. Grubicy, de Milan

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Exhibition period:
Sep 1‒Oct 15, 1907
Organizing Bodies:
Galerie d'Art A. Grubicy
F (French Franc)
Ticket Price:
1 fr [daily]; 2 fr [Friday]; 10 fr [multiple entry]
Catalogue Entries: 290
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 177, other medium: 113
Artists: 17
Gender: female: 0, male: 17
Nationalities: 2
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Date Title City Venue Type
Salon des Peintres Divisionnistes Italiens organisé par la Galerie d'Art A. Grubicy, de Milan. Paris: Société Dante Alighieri (Comité de Paris) 1907.
Holding Institutions: Bibliothèque des Arts Décoratifs, Biblioteca d'arte, Universität Basel - Bibliothek des Kunsthistorischen Seminars
Preface by Achille Locatelli-Milesi, p. 1-2 (French), p. 3-4 (English).

"In this Exhibition of Pictures are to be found the youngest and most lively Representatives of contemporaneous Italian Art.

Round the gigantic work of Giovanni Segantini stands the work of some masters who have collected his ideal inheritance, and that also of some young artists fond of that marvellous light which this praminent painter of Nature has displayed in his immortal pictures.

The present Exhibition is the perfect organic displays of a School, although it is by no means a Scholastic Exhibition.
The Artists are united there through the community of the same exertion towards the same aim, viz luminousness to which peculiar technics correspond. And their works are specially interesting, because such aim has become for the last fifty years the greatest and most general want of the Art of Picture. This technical process is recognized as the only suitable to give positive results.

The Italian Divisionist School, proceding from Segantini, has some special very remarkable characters ; it is by no means naturalist, in the sense of a vulgar objectivism, but it tends as much as possible to produce works of style which are complete and penetrative.

Giovanni Segantini, whose life was really heroïe, who died in the middle of an apotheosis, after having harmonized his soul to the rhytmus of universal life, and celebrated Nature with an unequalled greatness, does not require to be introduced to the public. Some celebrated French writers have already spoken of him in the most admiring terms. Mr. Robert de la Sizeranne has made known first the extraordinary personnality of this Italian painter, by publishing splendid articles about him in the « Revue des deux Mondes », and in the « Revue de l’Art Ancien et Moderne ».

During the Great Exhibition of 1900, for which Segantini, a short time before his death, had painted his greatest work – Nature’s Triptych, - Mr. Tauffroi and Mr. Tiebaut Lisson wrote important articles about him. Besides, Mr. Tiebaut delivered some brilliant lectures about the great Italian artist, and the « Gaulois » published a long and very interesting article under this title: « a great Victime of Art ».

At that time, Mr. Benedithe, the Director of the Luxembourg Museum, opened some negociations towards the purchase of one of Segantini’s pictures, which negociations remained without result, owing to the price wanted for the work.

Another great artist, whose production is exhibited here almost completely is Mr. Gaetano Previati. He is a distinguished idealistic painter, who uses light to express immaterial things in his mystic and heroïc compositions. Mr. Josephin Péladan a severe and intransigent esthetic judge testified his high consideration for him by inviting him to take part with his picture « Maternity » in the Exhibition of idealistic and mystic Artists at the Picture Exhibition of the Rose Croix.

Mr. Gaetano Previati is not only a gallant artist, but also a deep and persuasive theorist of completarism. His book : « The scientific principles of Divisionism » which will appear shortly in French is the only definitive work ever written about the nature and the artistic reproduction of colours and of light.

Now the Parisian public will have an opportunity of knowing here also Mr. Carlo Fornara, the real continuator of Giovanni Segantini, and one of the most distinguished and exquisite colourists of our time. At the side of him a whole band of young artists are worth consideration ; they follow with discipline the lessons of their master, but in a free and personal way, and no humiliating trace of any trite style is to be found in their works.

The newest and most significative productions of Italian Art are represented in this Exhibition, from which anything commonplace was strictly excluded.
Among the Sculptors taking part in this Exhibition, we have to mention Mr. Rembrandt Bugatti, the psychologist of animals, well known in Paris, and Mr. Libero Andreotti, a true aristocratic representative of fancy and technics.

Finally the present Exhibition must have as a consequence, agreeably with the ideas of its organizers, a new affirmation of Latin life and a sure guarantee of an artistic Renaissance.

Achille Locatelli - Milesi"
Catalogue Structure
"Preface", p. 1-4

"Salle A (Rotonde)", cat. no.1-48d, 56-57, p. 5-6

"Salle B", cat. no. 58-92, p. 7

"Salle C", cat. no. 93-100, 49-55c, 104-224, p. 8-11

"Salle D", cat. no. 225-252, p. 12

"Salle E", cat. no. 253-289, p. 12-13

"Salle F", cat. no. 281-289, p. 13
Additional Information
Other Mediums listed
- Catalogue in french and english (Preface and titles of art works all translated into english).
- there are no entries for Catalogue numbers 101, 102 and 103.
- Note at the end of the catalogue (p.16) reads in French: "Cartes Postales - Un choix complet de Cartes postales gravées et de photographies, reproduisant les œuvres exposées, est en vente au bureau du Salon." and in English: "Postal Cards - A complete selection of engraved Post-cards and photographies representing the works exhibited, is on sale at the office of the exhibition."

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Name Date of Birth Date of Death Nationality # of Cat. Entries
Piero Focardi 1889 1945 IT 9
Ferdinando Ramponi 1884 1916 CH 9
Achille Tominetti 1848 1917 IT 3
Guido Cinotti 1870 1932 IT 5
Adriano Baracchini-Caputi 1883 1968 IT 5
Benvenuto Benvenuti 1881 1959 IT 7
Rubaldo Merello 1875 1922 IT 6
Giuseppe Omio 1881 1918 IT 2
Carlo Prada 1884 1960 IT 5
Filiberto Minozzi 1877 1936 IT 9
Gottardo Segantini 1882 1974 IT 1
Mario Segantini 1885 1916 IT 1
Cesare Maggi 1881 1962 IT 8
Adolphe Magrini 1876 1957 IT 43
Carlo Fornara 1871 1968 IT 28
Gaetano Previati 1852 1920 IT 27
Giovanni Segantini 1858 1899 IT 9
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