[Kupka's Exhibition in Prostějov]

Kupkova výstava v Prostějově

ID: 1250, Status: completed
Exhibition period:
Dec 1905
Organizing Bodies:
Sdružení pokrokových lidí
F (French Franc)
Catalogue Entries: 109
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 85, other medium: 12, unknown: 12
Artists: 1
Gender: female: 0, male: 1
Nationalities: 1
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Date Title City Venue Type
Opening Hours
daily: 9am - 4pm
Katalog Kupkovy výstavy v Prostějově. Prague 1905.
Printed by: Unie, nr. of pages: [PDF page number: 37].
Holding Institution: Knihovna Uměleckoprůmyslového musea v Praze
Catalogue Price
0.30 K
Catalogue Structure
"Malby [Paintings]", cat.no. 1-9
"Kresby uhlem [Charcoal Drawings]", cat.no. 10-15
"Kresby tuší [Ink Drawings]", cat.no. 16-45
"Cykly [Series]", cat.no. 46-84
-"I. Peníze [I. Money]", cat.no. 46-54
-"II. Rozmanitá náboženství [II. Various Religions]", cat.no. 55-69
-"III. Mír [III. Peace]", cat.no. 70-84
"Kresby, rytiny, litografie a studie [Drawings, Engravings, Litographies and Studies]", cat.no. 85-107
"Plakáty [Posters]", cat.no. 108-109
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Name Date of Birth Date of Death Nationality # of Cat. Entries
František Kupka 1871 1957 CZ 97
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