Jean Pougny

Russian painter, illustrator, and designer, 1892-1956

Name Variants (ULAN):
Puni, Ivan; Puni, Ivan Al'bertovich; Pougni, Ivan; Puni, Iwan Albert; Puni, Iwan Albertowitsch; Pouni, I.; Puni, Ivan Albertovich; Puni, Jean Pougny
1956, Paris
Places of Activity:
Petrograd, Gatchinskaya, 1, Saint Petersburg
Exhibitions: 3
Exhibiting Countries: 1
Exhibiting Cities: 1
Catalogue Entries: 35
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 35
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Name Nationality Date of Birth Date of Death # of Co-Appearances
Xenia Boguslawskaja Jan 24, 1892 May 5, 1971 2 exhibitions
Ivan Klyun RU 1873 1943 2 exhibitions
Nadezhda Udal'tsova RU 1886 1961 2 exhibitions
Lyubov' Popova RU 1889 1924 2 exhibitions
Ol'ga Rozanova RU 1886 1918 3 exhibitions
Vladimir Tatlin UA 1885 1953 3 exhibitions
Kazimir Malevich RU 1878 1935 3 exhibitions

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