Anthonie Palamedesz

Dutch painter, 1601-1673

Name Variants (ULAN):
Palamedesz., Stevers; Anthony Palamedes Staevarts; Palamède, Anthonie; Palamedes, Anthonie; Palamedesz, Anthonie; Palamedesz, Antonie; Palamedesz., Antonie; Palamides, Anthonie; Palemedes, Anthonie; Palemeds, Anthonie; Palimedes, Anthonie; Pallemedes, Anthonie; Pallimedes, Anthonie; Palmedes, Anthonie; Palymedes, Anthonie; Palamedesz., Staeverts; Palamedesz., Stevaerts; Palamedeszoon, Anthonie; Palamedesz, Anthonie I; Palamedesz, Stevers; Palamedes, Anthonie I; Palamedes, Stevers; anthonie palamedes; Anthonie Palamedes Steevens; anthonie palamedesz; Anthonie Palamedesz genannt Stevers; Anthonie Palamedesz, gennant Stevaerts; anthonie palamedesz gen. stevaerts; Anthonie Palamedesz gen. Stevers; Anthonie Palamedesz Palamedes; anthonie palamedesz steevens; Anthonie Palamesdesz; anthonis palamedes; Anthonis Palamedesz; anthony palamedes; Anthony Palamedes, gen. Stevers; anthony palamedesz; anthony palamedez; Antoine Palamedes; antonie palamedes; antonie palamedesz; antonie palamedesz palamedes; antonie palamedesz steaerts; antonie palamedesz stevaerts; antonin palamedes; Antonio Palamedes; antonio palamedesz; Antonio Palameds; antonis palamedes; antonis palamedesz; antonis palamedesz gen. stevaerts; anton palamedes; Anton Steevens, gen. Palamedes; Anton Stevens genannt Palamedes; Antony Palamedes, genannt Stevarts; antony palamedesz; ant. palamedes; ant. palamedesz; A. Palamedes; A. Palamedesz; A. Pallamedes; Ballomedes; Fr. Palamèdes; Le Palamede; Palamades; Palameda; Palamedas; Palamède; Palamede; Palameder; Palamedes; Palamèdes; Palamedes, A.; palamedes anthonie; Palamedes, Anth. Stevens; palamedes, antonie; Palamedes, Antonis; palamedes, gen. stevens; palamedes stevaerts; Palamedes Stevens; Palamedes Stevers; Palamedesz.; Palamedesz; Palamedesz, A.; Palamedesz, Anthonie, Genannt Stevers; palamedesz, anthonis; Palamedesz Anthony; Palamedesz, Anth. Stevens; palamedesz antonie stevaerts; Palamedesz-Stevaerts, Anthonie; palamedesz stevaerts antonie; Palamedez; Palamedi; Palamedis; Palami; Palamides; Palemede; Stovaerts; Palemedes; Palemeds; Palimedas; Palimedes; Palimedez; Pallamedas; Pallamedes; Pallameedes; Pallemedas; Pallemedes; Pallemides; Pallimedes; Pallimetes; Pallmedes; Palmades; Palmedes; Palmelus; Palsmedes; Palymedes; P. Staevarts; R. Palamedes; Staeverts; Stevens genannt Palamedes; Stevens Palamedes; Stevens Palemdedes; Stevers Palemedes
1601, Delft
Exhibitions: 1
Exhibiting Countries: 1
Exhibiting Cities: 1
Catalogue Entries: 2
Types of Work: painting and drawing: 2
Date Title City Venue # of Cat. Entries Type of Org. Body
Feb 22‒25, 1910 Collection Jean Dolent. Tableaux Modernes & Anciens Paris Hôtel Drouot 2 auction houses
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